Won Gi-jong of ‘Complete transfer to Gyeongnam’, “The reason for the transfer is Seol Ki-hyun”

The original model of the attack of Gyeongnam FC mentioned the existence of Gyeongnam coach Seol Ki-hyun as the reason for the complete transfer to Gyeongnam. He showed his will to contribute to the K-League 1 promotion that Gyeongnam so much desires by showing off his best performance in the upcoming new season. He also asked not to worry about the various issues that have worried fans lately.

As of the 2nd, Gyeongnam athletes, including Won Gi-jong, are digesting the second winter training in preparation for the 2023 season in Miryang, Gyeongnam. Won Gi-jong, who wore a Gyeongnam uniform through a loan transfer from Daejeon or Citizen last summer, is preparing for a new leap by completely transferring to Gyeongnam after the season ends. He is a resource that is expected to take on a heavy role in the offensive line of Gyeongnam this year.

At a meeting with <Best Eleven> at Miryang 안전놀이터 Hotel Arena, Won Ki-jong said, “Last year, I came to Gyeongnam on a lease and received guidance from Seol, which was very helpful to me personally. That’s why I said that Seol was still in Gyeongnam. I decided to transfer after hearing the song”, explaining the reason for going to Gyeongsangnam-do.

“There are so many good players in Daejeon, where I worked before. When I was in the team, I thought this team would definitely be able to promote,” he said, saying that it was not an easy decision to leave Daejeon or Citizen. Still, I thought it was a good decision to go up to the K-League 1 with coach Seol in Gyeongnam,” he said, adding that he had no regrets about his decision to go to Gyeongnam.

Won Gi-jong played an active role as a Gyeongnam player through a loan transfer last summer. When he entered the game, he showed a flashy aspect and led the attack, but his face was broken due to an orbital fracture injury due to a collision with an opponent. Coach Seol was very sorry for the injury of Won Ki-jong, who was a card for a great leap forward in the second half.

It is also a painful memory for the Won Ki-jong. Won Gi-jong said, “I had a strong desire to get on the pitch as soon as I watched the game after surgery. I felt sorry while watching from the outside. I must have been recruited because I was needed, but I couldn’t help but feel sorry for not being able to play in the game.” I looked up

So, in the 2023 season, I have a strong will to work harder. Won Ki-jong said, “I believe that good performance will come out if I follow coach Seol’s tactics.” I want to show my fans a good performance,” he said.

Won Gi-jong said, “Gyeongnam is also a team that is qualified for K-League 1 promotion.” Won Ki-jong said, “There are many young players and seasoned older players on our team. I don’t think we are pushed behind by any team in the K-League 2. Of course, there are no excellent foreign players like last year. I am sure there will be good results.”

“Gyeongnam is a team that has always been aiming for promotion,” he said. “Many players have left the team, but the current players are also players who can produce good results.

Of course, the atmosphere in Gyeongnam FC is very chaotic because of the recent controversy within the secretariat. There are also concerns from fans that the aftermath may adversely affect preparations for the 2023 season. However, Won Ki-jong soothed the worried fans. Won Gi-jong said, “The players in training, including me, don’t care about the outside at all.” I want to create a year where I feel good,” he replied resolutely. In order to make the fans laugh even more, Won Ki-jong promised to revitalize Gyeongnam with sharper breakthrough power.

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