Will Kim Yu-na inherit the crown? Shin Ji-ah, the future of Korean figure skating

A 151cm tall girl stood tall in the middle of the podium. 14-year-old Shin Ji-ah has emerged as the protagonist who will open the next era after Kim Yuna, captivating her domestic and overseas stages.

I met you in person.


She starts with a double axel, goes beyond her technical success, from a triple loop to a triple salchow, and expresses the feeling of ‘flowing on ice’.

Her 14-year-old junior high school student Jia Shin beat all her older sisters to win her national tryout.

[Shin Ji-ah/National Figure Skating Representative: A score of 213 is a dream score, so I felt really good when I actually received this score.]

Not being shaken even when mistakes are made is a big advantage.

[Jia Shin/National Figure Skating Representative: I was a little nervous, so I could see that my body wasn’t following me. She thought a little bit that she was ‘closer to the wall’… She was a little surprised, but she wasn’t shaken.] 메이저놀이터

The joy of her victory is also short-lived, and she has to go back to training.

[Shin Ji-ah/National Figure Skating Representative: I want to take a break, but if I take another break, I feel anxious, so I have to jump slowly again (I have to)]

I started figure skating at the age of 7, and it was ‘fun’ that led me to the path of becoming an athlete.

[Shin Ji-ah/National Figure Skating Representative: To be honest, I think this is going well.]

Even after repeated hard training, she never once said that she would skip practice, and with her sincerity as her weapon, she achieved results on the world stage.

Yuna Kim won a silver medal at the World Junior Championships in 2005 at the age of 15, and Jia Shin won the same award last year.

She received high expectations as it was the first time a Korean player has won the award in 16 years, and attention is being paid to whether she will inherit Kim’s crown at the 2026 Milan Olympics.

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