Why Naples are struggling… The choice belongs to Minjae Kim.

The right to choose is held by Kim Min-jae.

Kim Min-jae has become one of the most notable center backs in Europe this season. When he first joined Napoli, he did not have high expectations, but as the season passed, more and more people knew Kim Min-jae. His performance in Italy’s Serie A as well as his performance in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) made Kim Min-jae famous.

Naturally, many teams started to pay attention to Kim Min-jae. 먹튀검증Big clubs also showed interest in the appearance of a center back like Kim Min-jae, as there have been few cases where good center back resources have been put up for sale recently. Among the teams currently strongly linked to Kim Min-jae are Manchester United and Liverpool.

It is natural that Napoli will not want to send Kim Min-jae, the main player of the team. However, it became more difficult as it was revealed that there was a buyout clause that was triggered during the summer transfer market among the terms of Kim Min-jae’s contract. A buyout clause is a clause that allows clubs seeking a player to negotiate with the player as soon as they offer the amount specified in the clause. If another club offers Min-jae Kim a certain amount, Napoli cannot prevent Min-jae Kim from talking to the club.

The amount is also known to be insignificant. Ciro Venerato, who is active in the Italian media ‘RAI’, talked about the current situation of Kim Min-jae in a recent interview with ‘Tuto Napoli’. “The buyout clause in Kim Min-jae starts at 50 million euros (about 73.1 billion won) and goes up to 70 million euros (about 102.4 billion won). A team like Real Madrid has to pay 70 million euros. For other clubs Even if they do not advance to the UCL, a team with high sales must pay at least 60 million euros (approximately 87.8 billion won),” he said. “Because of this clause, the decision is made by the player.”

This is why Napoli are struggling. Currently, it is known that Napoli is trying to delete Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause through a contract renewal. However, Venerato said: “Napoli do not want Kim Min-jae to leave, they want him to stay for at least one more year. It is difficult to completely remove the buyout clause, and the players will demand a higher salary. 4.3 billion),” he said, adding that it would be difficult to delete the buyout clause.

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