Why KCC gave Jefferson a ‘deadly drug prescription’ without confirming a replacement mercenary

 Jeonju KCC recently ousted Ron University Hollis Jefferson, a foreign player, and received extraordinary attention. On the 12th, ahead of the Suwon KT match, KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin made a surprise announcement that he had sent him home the day before (11th), saying, “Didn’t they slowdown for the last two games in a row? It’s the first time I’ve seen a player like this. Regarding this, a KCC official said, “Jefferson, who insisted on finishing his own play, only made unsolicited passes on the bench after the match against KGC on the 31st of last month. he explained.

For KCC, it was an adventure and a ‘dramatic drug prescription’. Ace Heo Ung was virtually out of the season due to a ligament rupture, and Lee Seung-hyun is also out with an elbow injury. Jefferson’s replacement has not yet been confirmed.

The power vacuum was so great that he had to hold on to the straw, and he accepted the burden of going with one foreign player (La Gun-ah). That’s why, there was an inside story that I couldn’t tell you until now. Jefferson’s ejection was not solely due to sabotage during the game. It is the result of what has been festering inside.

According to Sports Chosun’s coverage, Jefferson was in danger from the time he joined. At the time of his joining, expectations were high because he was from the NBA and received favorable reviews from world-renowned star LeBron James메이저놀이터

However, if you study well, there is only one thing, friendship is the problem. Jefferson’s pride in being ‘from the NBA’ was often overblown. It would have been nice if he had moderate pride, but he went beyond arrogance and gave the impression of looking down on Korean basketball, and eventually created a sense of incongruity within the team. Still, he has endured, thinking, ‘It’s because he’s from the world’s best NBA’.

However, while he shows NBA-level flashy skills when scoring goals during games, the ‘chemical bond’ within the team keeps getting farther away as repeated unnutritious plays, neglecting team play such as defense. A crucial ‘incident’ occurred here. During team training in early January, Jefferson was briefly kicked out of the training ground due to bad manners that greatly undermined the training atmosphere. Afterwards, through the mediation of Heo Woong and Laguna, he prepared a place for dialogue with the former director, confessed his secrets, and reconciled. It was an atmosphere where the ground hardened after the rain.

Unfortunately, even this did not last long. During the All-Star break, I had another ‘accident’. Jefferson went on a personal vacation to an overseas resort without permission from the club. At the time, it was a time when we had to be extremely careful when traveling abroad due to concerns about the spread of Corona 19, so the club requested refrain. Jefferson also replied, “I will not go abroad” at first, but was later exposed on his social media account for posting a photo of a vacation spot.

Because the club knew Jefferson’s personality well, they tried to take care of him somehow without being able to greatly reprimand him for ‘going abroad secretly’. Jefferson’s assertion that “the original NBA style is like this” just stuck out his tongue. Jefferson, who was out of control, had already lost his mind from what he thought was ‘outskirts Korean basketball’. After the incident, Jefferson is said to have made it a habit to say to those around him, ‘I want to go back to America’. He said he wanted to go like that, and he ended up with a ‘sad ending’, raising suspicions of ‘sabotage during the game’.

In the end, KCC came to the conclusion that it could not stand by and watch the entire team collapse in order to prevent an immediate power leak. Because the pain of having a wound cut out is better than a catastrophe that threatens life by rotting the whole body.

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