Who was the first SSG new foreigner Romero noticed? “KK”

“The first thing I noticed was ‘KK’s pitching.”

SSG’s new foreign pitcher Eni Romero (32), without hesitation, mentioned Kim Gwang-hyun’s nickname ‘KK’ when asked, ‘Is there any player you’ve noticed?’ Romero met with reporters on the 10th (local time) at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Florida, where the SSG spring camp was held, and said, “Kwang-hyun Kim is a player with major league experience and is the best pitcher in Korea. I want to contribute to winning by learning the strengths of Kim Gwang-hyun, who is considered the best pitcher in the league.” In addition, he said메이저놀이터, “I was surprised that he was 20 years old, but his control ability and control were good.”

Romero, a left-handed pitcher who has experienced both the American and Japanese leagues, jumped into the KBO League for the new season. He digested the second bullpen pitching that day and said, “It seems to have been much better than the first. He said, “I am adapting because the ball is on a different side from the American or Japanese leagues.”

Florida is a familiar place to Romero. Romero said, “I did spring camp in Florida from 2009 to 2016 (during American professional baseball), so there is no problem at all. Here he is comfortable building his body.” The Japanese league challenge was a great experience in my baseball life. He learned how to play the game through Japanese baseball, which moves quickly and shakes the pitcher, such as bunting even the fourth batter.

Regarding his pitching style, Romero said, “I have a tendency to always go aggressive. He first gets two strikes and then he tends to think about how to strike out or induce a grounder.”

Now it’s time to learn from Korea. In Japan, when I started spring camp, I trained all day without a day off. I like that Korea has rest days and pays attention to stamina. Romero said, “I think it’s good to be able to enter this season in 100% condition, not tired.”

He hadn’t heard anyone talking about the KBO League until he signed with SSG. When the article about the contract was reported, Ivan Nova, who played for SSG last year, contacted him. Nova said that he talked about Korean hitters, culture and food. Romero laughed, saying, “Nova wanted to go back to Korea, but she couldn’t go back (because she was released), so you asked me to take good care of her.”

He did not set a specific goal. We want to do our best in every moment. “I’m 100 percent prepared,” Romero said, “because the player isn’t a robot, he doesn’t know when or where he might get hurt. He said, “I will do my best with the goal of finishing the season in good health.”

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