What is the worst signing in the EPL January transfer market?

 Who is the worst signing in the January transfer market in the English Premier League (EPL)?

British media ‘Express’ selected the worst signings in the January transfer market for each EPL team in the winter transfer market.

The most recognizable name is Alexis Sanchez. He left Arsenal in January 2018 and joined Manchester United. He raised expectations by receiving uniform number 7.

In particular, there were high expectations that he would become the center of Manchester United’s attack while receiving an enormous weekly wage of 700 million won.

However, it was shattered. He gave a poor performance and left in disgrace. He is considered one of the greatest players in Manchester United’s history.

Sanchez did not show such a presence even with his 700 million won a week and his uniform number 7, so he was given the disgraceful nickname of 77 million won, which means he swallowed only money and left.

Expressing it as a disaster, the media said, “Sanchez was one of the best players in the EPL at the time, so many teams wanted him. After choosing Manchester United, his expectations collapsed. The exorbitant salary created some problems for the team going forward.” 메이저놀이터

Liverpool’s Andy Carroll was included on the list, “a clear candidate for the worst January signing. I spent a lot of money to fill the void for Fernando Torres, but he scored only 6 goals.”

Carroll moved to Liverpool for a transfer fee of 35 million pounds (approximately 53 billion won), but suffered from big and small injuries and couldn’t pay for the money.

Manchester City’s Wilfried Bony was also included in the EPL’s worst January transfer window.