What is the tip of the invited ‘fantasy game winner’?

Playing time for each opposing team.

On the 20th, KBL held the 2022-2023 SKT A.Dot Professional Basketball regular league awards ceremony at the Grand Ballroom of Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas. The top 10 players of ‘KBL FANTASY’, the first professional basketball fantasy game launched by KBL on the 15th, were also present.

KBL fantasy game is an all-use game available for all ages. The game method is to select players who are expected to be active among the players participating in the KBL game, form their own lineup, give points to the actual game record to determine the winner and accumulate points.

Cho Si-hyeon (31), who won first place in the KBL fantasy game, said,먹튀검증 “I saw the players I admired only on TV, but seeing them in the field is different. It’s different from seeing it in the arena. Everyone is cool, but Moon Seong-gon (KGC) is really cool,” he said, expressing his feelings at the awards ceremony.

He continued, “I learned about the game launch through an article. He’s on parental leave, so he thought he’d give it a try, but it was fun. I am a fan of Hyundai Mobis, and I also watch other teams’ games. He explained why he enjoyed it, saying, “Since he chose even the team players who do not cheer, he has more fun watching the game.”

When asked about fantasy honey tips, “I think it’s important to get first place. 1st place gives you high points. Look at the stats of each opposing team to find out which players were used the most. Once you have to compete. We do not unconditionally select foreign players as captains. There are times when two foreign players share the playing time, so there are times when a domestic player is the captain.”

KBL fantasy games, which are so popular that up to 2,000 people participate in one game, are scheduled to take a break during the playoffs for the round of 6. The semi-final playoffs and the championship match will be operated as normal. Afterwards, gifts are prepared according to the ranking.

KBL is aiming for a mobile version beta in the cup competition next season. As the game and season start together, more benefits will be given to the ranker. 

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