“What is that? A breaking ball”… I was not kidding when I said I would surpass Lindblom.

“I saw him play catch and he did something. I was surprised. (Kwak) Bin also fell in love with me a little.”

Dylan Pyle (27), a new foreign pitcher for the Doosan Bears, has been receiving favorable reviews every day after taking off his veil at the Australian spring camp. You will have to pitch in actual battles to know the true value, but the pitches you have shown in bullpen pitching so far exceed the ransom of $650,000.

Upon joining the camp, Dylan revealed his ambition to 메이저놀이터surpass Doosan’s old ace Josh Lindblom (36, retired). Dylan and Lindblom were teammates on the Milwaukee Brewers’ minor league Triple-A team until last year. Lindblom recorded 30 games, 20 wins, 194⅔innings, and an ERA of 2.50 in 2019, winning the Golden Glove and regular season MVP in the pitching category that year, but Dylan is burning his fighting spirit to surpass such Lindblom.

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop, pitching coach Jung Jae-hoon, pitching instructor Takahashi Hasinori, and fellow pitchers all praise him for his control. In his first bullpen pitching, his curveball attracted attention, but his changeup and slider were also known to be of high quality. If he can only throw a fastball in the second half of 140 km per hour here, he seems to be able to spend his debut season in the KBO League as a pitcher that is difficult for batters to attack easily.

Coach Lee and instructor Takahashi put their heads together while watching Dylan pitching to the bullpen at the Blacktown Baseball Stadium in Blacktown, Sydney, Australia on the 9th. First starter Raul Alcantara (31) is a proven pitcher who won 20 wins for Doosan in 2020, but Dylan needed a little more confidence.

Instructor Takahashi positively evaluated Dylan’s pitching. He said, “He is a pitcher who is stable and has established himself. I don’t think there will be any self-destruction by a walk during the game. I think it is important how low you can control the ball during the season. I think he will show good pitching,” he said.

Manager Lee said, “I think it’s good for Dylan to be able to use both left and right corners in a game. Most pitchers tend to target only one side biasedly, but using both sides is definitely a great weapon. Looking at the numbers, the rotational power is good. . If the rotational power of the ball is good, the end of the ball looks faster and better when viewed by batters.

Fellow pitchers lined up to learn Dylan’s breaking ball. Sidearm starting pitcher Choi Won-joon (29) said, “I was surprised by Dylan’s pitching. His pitching was good, and his pitching tempo and breaking pitches were all good. Bin also fell in love with him and asked a lot of questions. I’m telling you, but the breaking ball is really good,” he admitted.

Choi Won-joon said that although the type is different from right-hander Dylan, he wants to learn the changeup. He said, “I asked catcher (Jang) Seung-hyun, and he said that the changeup bends very quickly. I’m going to ask about the changeup once. Dylan has a low arm angle, and I don’t have a very low arm swing, so maybe the throwing is similar.” showed hope.

So far, Dylan has shown that his determination to surpass Lindblom is no joke. If he continues to show outstanding control from the Australian spring camp practice game to the demonstration game, expectations for Doosan’s new second starter will rise even higher.

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