“What if I give you three walks?”… WBC minimum 3 hitters rule, 9th hunting is soon destroyed 

 You don’t win just because you have a good pitch and throw a lot of strikes. Only those who dominate the local rules of the WBC (World Baseball Classic) can head to Miami, USA, where the championship round is held.

Lee Kang-cheol, head coach of the Korean WBC baseball team, met with reporters at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA, where the national team is training, and shared his concerns about the WBC local rules. 

The local rule that manager Lee, who is a master of pitcher replacement, is in the most agony is the pitcher’s ‘minimum 3 hitters opponent’ rule. In this WBC, literally, when a pitcher gets on the mound, he has to deal with at least three batters before he can get off the mound. This is a system introduced by the major leagues to reduce the number of pitcher replacements and shorten the game time, and the WBC organizing committee decided to apply the same from this tournament. 

Manager Lee said, “It hurts my head to have to deal with three batters unconditionally after changing the pitcher. It will be over if you give up 3 walks in the first game. If there are too many pitches here, you can’t even use them the next day. It is a huge variable in this competition.”

However, this rule does not apply when the pitcher has finished the inning or is suddenly injured. For example, if a pitcher goes to the mound after two outs and catches a batter and finishes the inning, he can pass the baton to another pitcher in the next inning.

Director Lee said, “We are considering a plan to pitch a pitcher who lacks a little bit of pitch after one or two. He said, “If you end the inning by changing to 1 or 2, there is no problem in changing the pitcher in the next inning.” 

As manager Lee mentioned above, the WBC also has a pitch limit rule. The maximum number of pitches in one game for a pitcher is 49 in practice games, 65 in the first round, 80 in the quarterfinals, and 95 in the semifinals and finals. , 2-day consecutive fights must observe a 1-day break. If the rule of at least three batters overlaps with the pitch limit, the mound can be operated smoothly only when management skills are demonstrated. 

In the case of offense메이저놀이터, the overtime match rule is a variable. From the 10th inning, innings begin with the second base unscathed, and the batting order at the end of the 9th inning continues. There is a risk for both the bunt and the strong ball because it is the second base, not the first and second base like the Olympics.

Director Lee said, “Anyway, I think it would be good to play after the match. If the score is given first, of course I will try to bunt, but if the first hitter is caught with the third hitter, I am worried about what to do again.” Basically, I will think about bunts.” 

It’s not just about winning because the player’s skills are superior. You can go to a higher place only when you are fully aware of the local rules of the competition and can apply them in the right place. In a way, the coaching staff of the national team has another task besides guiding players. 

Coach Lee said, “Of course, the condition of the players is the most important right now, but the WBC has too many difficult regulations. I will pay attention to how to do this in the future.”

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