‘Video exposure’ Holland ends up being investigated by the police → “His behavior is an own goal” scolded

Erling Holland, who plays for Manchester City in the English Premier League, was eventually investigated by the police. It’s because of the recently revealed video.

British media The Sun recently released videos and photos스포츠토토 of Holland fiddling with his cell phone while driving. Haaland was filmed on the 15th, the day after scoring five goals alone against RB Leipzig in the Champions League. This scene was taken on the way from downtown Manchester to the Etihad Stadium.

Holland is holding a steering wheel with his right hand and fiddling with a mobile phone with his left hand. His eyes are, of course, focused on his phone. As in Korea, the use of mobile phones while driving is prohibited in the UK. Under UK law, if you are caught using your mobile phone while driving, you will be fined 6 points and £200, or around £320,000.

After the video surfaced in the media, local police began investigating Holland for a potential driving offense, British media said.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP), which has jurisdiction over the area, responded to the media’s request for confirmation, saying, “We have confirmed that we are aware of and are investigating the video.” It means that they are investigating the incident as soon as they are aware of it.

As mentioned earlier, it is Holland that can be fined and demerit points, but British law says that if you have obtained a driver’s license within the last two years, it is possible to cancel it. It may be a heavy chervil for Haaland, who has to drive to the stadium and driving range every day.

Regarding this, one fan said, “Holland hasn’t failed since moving to Manchester. But he needs to pay more attention to the road when driving and obey the law when driving,” he said. What City fans want is to take him out of the game.”

Road safety groups also helped. Regarding Haaland’s allegations, a spokesperson for the Automobile Association (AA) said, “It is an inexcusable mistake. It is dangerous to hold a cell phone while he is driving. He pointed out that such an act was an own goal for Haaland, who is leading the scoring.”

Meanwhile, Haaland was unable to play for the Norwegian national team at Euro 2024 held this week. Due to a groin injury, he was ruled out of the national team.

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