‘Unfamiliar Top 10 kt’ WBC biggest victim?

Each professional baseball team is in tears due to the aftereffects of players’ injuries caused by the selection of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) before the season. Even at the point of more than a month since the league opened, the injured are full of worries.

What draws the most attention is the performance of kt.

kt is currently메이저사이트 at the bottom with 8 wins, 2 draws and 17 losses (0.320 win rate). On the 7th, they exchanged seats after losing 2-6 to Hanwha in Daejeon.

KT’s recent sluggishness is at a serious level. After falling into a shocking 9-game losing streak from the match against SSG Landers in Suwon on the 20th of last month, only 1 win (1 draw and 12 losses) was won in the last 14 games. In the end, kt fell to the bottom after 387 days since resignation on April 15 last year against the Lotte Giants (7-9 loss).

Although it is early in the season, kt’s sluggishness is not serious. After winning the combined championship in 2021, kt, which rose to the emerging powerhouse, finished fourth last season with a high win rate of 80 wins, 62 losses and 2 draws.

This season was evaluated as a strong 5-final candidate as well as a potential victory.

However, local ace So Joon Sohn showed his worst pitching performance against LG on the first appearance of the season on the 2nd of last month, with 10 hits and 9 runs in 2.1 innings, and then withdrew from power due to a sprain in the right pectoral muscle. There was a big setback in

Here, it is evaluated that kt suffered the biggest loss due to the last WBC as coach Lee Kang-cheol, who is leading the team, climbed the national team command tower and was unable to fully focus on his team during the off-season.

Although he did not participate in the WBC, kt’s third baseman Hwang Jae-gyun is also out for more than four weeks due to a micro-fracture of his toe recently, so he is not alone in his worries.

Of course, kt has a good memory of rebounding after staying at the bottom with 2 wins and 9 losses in 11 games due to injuries in the early stages of last season. After experiencing sluggishness at the beginning of the season, he soon found stability, and eventually ended the season with +18 in a 50% win rate, showing the potential of a ‘defending champion’.

In this season, it is staying at the bottom after more than a month since the opening, but no one expects that the ranking will harden as it is. However, it is also true that the goal is not to escape from the bottom, so it seems that there is a long way to go to enter the top 5.

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