‘Undefeated fighter’ Yoon Hyung-bin, this time he fights 17 to 1.. Confidence has risen

Comedian Hyung-bin Yoon goes to a 17-to-1 fight.

Road FC will hold the Wonju MMA Sports Festival with KFSO (Korea Fighting Sports Association) at the Wonju Sports Complex for two days from June 24th to 25th. On the first day, the ‘Gobne Road FC 064’ competition, a professional competition, and the Martial Arts Festival, an amateur competition, are held on the second day.먹튀검증

On the first day of ‘Gobne Road FC 064’, the bantamweight (-63kg) and light weight (-70kg) tournaments begin with the quarterfinals. In this competition, the finalists to be held in Anyang in August are selected.

Hyungbin Yoon will participate in the Martial Arts Festival, the second day of the Wonju MMA Sports Festival, to be held on the 25th at the Wonju Gymnasium. It is a tournament where promising amateur martial artists from all over the country gather, and Yoon Hyung-bin competes in a 17-to-1 mixed martial arts showdown with children.

Yun Hyung-bin recently returned to martial arts after about 9 years with an away game in Japan. Yun Hyung-bin, who faced Japan’s Ban Nakamura, won with a 4-0 decision by the referee. Yoon Hyung-bin has a record of 2 wins in 2 matches at the KBI (Korea Boxing Association) National Sports Boxing Competition, 1 win in 1 match for Breaking Down, and 1 win in 1 match for Road FC.

The reason Hyungbin Yoon participated in the 17 to 1 event match is to give children dreams and hopes. The martial arts festival was planned to spread good influence to young MMA stars by participating in the event. In 2019, ‘Loyalty’ Kim Bo-seong and comedian Lee Seung-yoon played against children once each.

Hyungbin Yoon said, “I hope that this competition will serve as an opportunity for young children to grow up and take a step closer to their dreams. In the future, I want to help with anything that will help the development of martial arts. I hope you will give a lot of support to our children,” she said.

Meanwhile, Road FC’s global tournament quarterfinals will be held on the 24th at 12:00 at the Wonju Sports Complex, and the semifinals will be held in Anyang in August.

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