Treble challenge without Messi this time, can Pep become GOAT?

| Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City (hereafter Man City), is advancing towards the greatest command tower of all time.

Manchester City, led by Guardiola, won 4-0 in the second leg of the 2022-2023 European Football Association (UEFA) Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid held at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England on the 18th (Korean time).메이저놀이터

Man City, who drew 1-1 in the previous away game in the first leg, became the main character of the final with a huge lead of 5-1 on the aggregate of the two games. Following the last 2020-2021 season, he reached the finals for the first time in two years and created an opportunity to win the’Big Year’.

This season, Man City is challenging the treble. In the English Premier League, it is likely to win. With 3 games left, they have 85 points and are 4 points ahead of 2nd place Arsenal (81 points). Arsenal only have two games left. In fact, Man City’s trophy shooter is certain. Man City is also aiming to win the FA Cup. I know that I have already reached the final and compete for the championship with local rivals Manchester United on the 3rd of next month. Since they advanced to the Champions League final here, it is possible to win three competitions in one season.

If Manchester City achieve the treble, it seems that Guardiola will even get the title of the best manager of all time. He would have a career worthy of becoming the so-called GOAT (The Greatest Of All Time).

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Guardiola already has treble experience. In the 2008-2009 season he won La Liga, King’s Cup and Champions League with Barcelona. With Barcelona, ​​he has won three La Liga titles, two King’s Cups, two Champions League titles and two FIFA Club World Cups.

Guardiola also lifted many trophies at Bayern Munich. He won the German Bundesliga three times and the German Football Association (DFB) Pokal twice. With Man City, he has won the Premier League four times.

Even in his great career, there was a label that followed Guardiola. It was the background that they hadn’t won the Champions League yet without Lionel Messi. In fact, Guardiola conquered the league in Bayern Munich or Man City, but failed to win the big year. Two years ago, I reached the final, but I swallowed my regrets because I couldn’t stand on the top by one point.

If Manchester City achieve the treble this season, Guardiola will be a leader worthy of rising to the GOAT ranks. This is because he has won titles at the top stages of Europe, such as Spain, Germany and England, and will become a coach who wins the Champions League three times. Four-time champion Carlo Ancelotti will be chasing Real Madrid coach by one edge. Guardiola was born in 1971 and is still in his early 50s. It is unknown how much more great career he will build in the future.

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