Transformation of Dankook University, use of pressure and mismatch using tall guards

“We also press and defend in the front line, and if there is a mismatch in attack, we have to attack that place.”

Dankook University is preparing for 2023 in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do. He plans to stay in Pyeongchang until the 7th of next month, and plans to go to Taiwan in mid-February to adjust his power.

On the morning of the 6th, Dankook University coach Seok Seung-ho, who we met ahead of training, asked why he chose Pyeongchang as the training ground for the second year in a row. I chose this place because the lodging is much better than other places and the food is okay,” he explained.

Dankook University advanced to the quarterfinals in the University Basketball League and MBC Cup National College Basketball Championship last year.

When coach Seok Seung-ho was curious about how he predicted his power this season, he said, “You have to play. There are many players who played last season. We have to see how other teams have been strengthened, and we have to see how our players have improved as they go up a grade. He showed confidence, saying, “If there are no injured players, I will be able to play a good game.”

Six new students (Gi-ryun (Naksaeng High School), Gil Min-cheol (Daejeon High School), Kim Tae-young (Cheongshin-heung High School), Park Soo-woo (Gunsan High School), Eun Ju-young (Jeonju High School), and Lee In-woo (Hongdaebu High School) joined the team.

Coach Seok Seung-ho said, “I wonder if Gi-ryun Ki (190cm, F) or Gil Min-cheol (196cm, C) will play. There are many of our existing players on the front line. There will be a chance to play on the side of the taller,” he predicted.

It is important to fill the gap between Cho Jae-woo (Carrot), who was in charge of the goal last season, and Yum Yu-seong (Korea Gas Corporation), who stood out for his explosive 3-point shot.

Manager Seok Seung-ho said, “When Jo Jae-woo was there, he made me play (a lot), thinking that it would be impossible without him. During the MBC playoffs, he played without Jaewoo. When he took the small lineup, he thought he wouldn’t, but he did well with the players. (Even without Cho Jae-woo) I think the players will have confidence,” he said. I think Song Jae-hwan or Seo Dong-won can fill that spot. In addition, the rest of the players go up in grade and fill the gap sufficiently.”

When asked what kind of training he focuses on during winter training, coach Seok Seung-ho said, “The most important thing is defense. Because I am short, I have to defend strongly in the front line, and I do a lot of box-out training for rebounding,” he said. “This is what all leaders want and want. If our players do that a little better than other teams, we’ll have a better game. Since we have a large height in front of us, it is possible to overcome our short stature if we train using mismatches.” 메이저놀이터

The role of Lee Kyung-do, who is in the third grade, is the most important. Lee Kyung-do said, “You have to be greedy for shooting and individual scoring. He used to pass more, but he thinks he needs to increase his individual scoring as well. That way, he will be better both as an individual and as a team. I have to score to make it easier for other players to have a chance.”

Lee Kyung-do played an average of 35 minutes and 46 seconds in 4 games in the 2021 College Basketball League 1st tournament in his freshman year, recording 15.3 points and 8.5 assists, but in the 2nd College Basketball League tournament, his scoring power dropped to an average of 6.0 points (4.0 assists). fell. After raising again to 11.0 points (7.4 assists) in the college basketball league last year, he scored 13.5 points (9.3 assists) in the MBC Cup. Lee Kyung-do’s scoring ability is getting better and better.

Coach Seok Seung-ho also said, “In my freshman and sophomore years, I focused on creating (his teammate’s shot opportunities) as a guard. Now, making things is also making things, but the attack (scoring) part has to improve. I am trying to develop my shooting and 1-on-1 skills a lot,” he said. “In my freshman and sophomore years, I had senior players who could score, so I went with making them, but they ask me to be aggressive, so if I improve in that part, I will have more confidence.” We expected the late Lee Kyung-do to improve his scoring ability.Manager Seok Seung-ho said, “Anyway, we have to go tight. He also has to press defense from the front line, and press defense from the beginning to the end, such as the defense he has been doing from last year’s MBC boat to the playoffs. In the offense, when there is a mismatch, we have to attack that place and play basketball with many players together,” he said, conveying the color of Dankook University in 2023.

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