Tiki Taka Cup women’s futsal exchange exhibition held… “Hopefully it will continue in the future”

Local female futsal players prepared their own exchange matches and showed off their accumulated skills to the fullest.

The Tiki Taka Cup Women’s Futsal Exchange Exhibition was held at J Futsal Park in Buk-gu, Daegu at 2:00 pm on the 12th.

This event was hosted by the Daegu women’s메이저놀이터 futsal team ‘Tiki-Taka’ and was prepared with the support of the Daegu City Futsal Federation and Hiab.

There are 6 participating teams: Tiki-Taka, Alpha, Toss, Funny, Fever, and Dokbul. About 100 people including about 80 players, coaches, referees, and cheering squad participated in this event, realizing the popularity of women’s futsal.

Bang Woo-ri, president of Tikitaka, said, “It is the largest event held in Daegu since the Daegu Mayor Cup Women’s Championship in June last year as a women’s futsal event.”

The exchange match was held in a full league format with six teams facing each other once. The match was played in an atmosphere reminiscent of a real competition. It was a forced march with 5 games in a few hours, but the club members enjoyed futsal to the very end. The fair play that respects the opposing team also stood out. As it is an exchange match to promote friendship, we decided not to record or disclose the win or loss.

Local female futsal players evaluated this event positively in that it paved the way for club members to hold their own exchanges.

Seo Tae-rim, president of the women’s futsal team Funnie, who participated in the event, said, “This is the first event held for the first time, and the preparations were unbelievably meticulous. Thanks to that, the players were able to finish well without injury.”

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