There was no application for salary arbitration despite the worst pain ever… Totally wrong expectations, negotiations continue

The prospect that the salary negotiations for the 2023 renewal contracts of the 10 clubs will be particularly slow and that applications for salary arbitration will follow one after another was missed. No player has officially applied for a salary adjustment.

KBO officially announced on the 10th that “the application for 2023 annual salary arbitration was closed today at 18:00, and no players applied.”

The application for KBO salary arbitration is available only to players who have completed the number of registration days for the 1st team for more than 3 years, and the deadline is 6:00 pm on January 10 every year. Players who have applied for adjustment and the club concerned must submit the basis for calculating the annual salary to the KBO by January 15th.

The KBO discusses the matter in a committee composed of people from all walks of life, and only one side will raise its hand without compromising the midpoint. If the club does not accept, the player becomes a free agent after the contract is terminated, and if the player does not accept, the player is voluntarily withdrawn.

A total of 98 cases in the history of the KBO League have applied for salary adjustment, and 21 cases have gone to the adjustment committee to the end without double cancellation. The most recent example is the 2021 sovereignty (kt). Of these, the club won 19 times, and only two players won: Ryu Ji-hyun in 2002 and Sovereignty in 2021. This is why there is a perception that the club is an absolutely advantageous system. 스포츠토토

However, as seen in the most recent case, the victory of sovereignty, the general opinion was that the recent trend was changing little by little. Previously, all data was held by the club, and the player side was much more detailed than the data submitted. So the player had no choice but to be at a disadvantage.

However, recently, the agents have been prepared to engage in battles with data and logic comparable to that of the club, while looking after the players. Sovereignty also won like that. So, there was a prospect that a large number of players who could not reach an agreement this year would apply for arbitration.

Even so, when I opened the lid, there was no applicant. With some clubs currently negotiating the salaries of big players, it is expected that negotiations with the clubs will continue in the future. It is expected that it will take quite some time until the final negotiations are concluded, as some clubs have not completed more than five players.

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