The world’s Conte started asking for advice… The British media also paid attention

It is news that manager Antonio Conte has started asking for advice.

Tottenham is having a tough season right now. Tottenham’s current league position is 5th. But the problem isn’t ranking. Despite a break due to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar during the season, Tottenham failed to improve the performance problems pointed out from the beginning of the season. In the second half of the league schedule that started after the World Cup, they suffered 2 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses. Had it not been for Harry Kane’s performance, the performance could have been even worse.

Although they won the most recent game against Fulham, the winning goal was scored by Kane with his individual skills. In the previous game against Manchester City, they scored two goals in the first half to widen the gap early, but in the second half, the defense collapsed and they conceded four goals, resulting in a crushing defeat. In the North London derby against their most important rival, Arsenal, they lost 0-2. Even the North London derby was a match held at Tottenham’s home.

It should change based on the victory over Fulham. Tottenham, who had been on a two-game losing streak after losing consecutively to Man City and Arsenal, succeeded in reversing the atmosphere with a win against Fulham. If things don’t change from now on, at the end of the season, you may be in a lower position than you are now. To do this, not only manager Conte but also all Tottenham members need to change. 메이저놀이터

Conte seems ready for a change. If it is to improve the situation, I will accept the advice of the people around me. Conte’s attitude is strange, but welcome, considering that many of the famous directors have high egos.

Conte’s attitude is also being noticed in England. England’s ‘The Athletic’ said, “It is noteworthy that Conte is seeking advice. The fact that a single-minded manager like Conte is seeking advice about Tottenham’s defensive collapse means that Tottenham’s performance is underperforming. Now, Conte’s manager ‘s mission is to lift the tone, as it did at the beginning of the year, and give you the confidence that we will be able to recreate it.”

Earlier this year, that is, in the second half of last season, Tottenham climbed on the rise and won a ticket to the European Champions League (UCL) by winning the competition for 4th place.

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