‘The stage of eternal active players’ KPGA Champions Tour… 2023 season seeks to expand the base in earnest

The KPGA Champions Tour, the stage of eternal active players who led today’s Korean professional golf, was founded in 1997. Since then, the event has been held in two categories: the Senior Division for those aged 50 and older, and the Grand Senior Division for those aged 60 and older.

On the 5th, the KPGA said, “In the 2023 KPGA Champions Tour, Choi Sang-ho (68), Choi Kwang-soo (63), Cho Cheol-sang (65), Park Nam-shin (64), Kim Jong-deok (62. Milan International), Shin Yong-jin (59), Kang Wook-soon (57) ), Seok Jong-yul (54), Park No-seok (56), Park Do-gyu (53), and Mo Joong-kyung (52) will be active. ) and Yang Yong-eun (51) are also currently seeded on the KPGA Champions Tour, and this year, Heo Seok-ho (50) and Jang Ik-je (50) have also acquired qualifications to compete on the domestic senior stage. Players who made their name as star players are reminiscent of the ‘War of the Stars’ in the form of a large number of KPGA Champions Tour players. In line with this, KPGA will increase the size of the KPGA Champions Tour in the 2023 season and seek to expand the base of the Senior Tour in earnest.” said. 메이저놀이터

Steve Stricker (56, USA), Bernhard Langer (66, Germany), and John Daly (57, USA) are full of galleries who want to reminisce about the days when they were active on the PGA Tour. . Comparing the KPGA Champions Tour to the PGA Champions Tour has limitations.”

Lastly, the KPGA said, “Like the PGA Champions Tour, the Champions Tour is full of interesting storytelling elements with the various histories of the players. The effect was found to be the highest compared to other tour events. Lower operating costs than regular tours and sponsorship targeting the middle-aged, an age group with high purchasing power and influence in the golf industry, were cited as the main factors. Although there are still high mountains to overcome, KPGA We plan to take off our feet for the quantitative and qualitative growth of the stage’ KPGA Champions Tour.”