The Seoul deaf curling team wins both men and women! “Good start for 2 consecutive losses at the Winter Sports Festival!”

Seoul Metropolitan City’s deaf curling team achieved ‘winner with male and female’ in the pre-game of the 20th National Winter Sports Festival for the Disabled.

The women’s team, which consisted of three national team members who won the first bronze medal at the 2019 Winter Deflympics, won the gold medal with overwhelming performance that was unmatched by other teams in the women’s curling final held at the 메이저놀이터Gangneung Curling Center in Gangwon-do on the 7th. They defeated Chungbuk 13-1 in the quarterfinals, Gangwon-do 16-2 in the semifinals, and won the championship by defeating the ‘strong enemy’ Gyeonggi-do 10-4 in the final.

The men’s team played a 4v4 close match against Gyeonggi-do in the quarterfinals until the 8th end, but overcame the crisis with a back heart that drove 4 points in the 9th end. In the semi-finals that followed, they defeated Busan 16-2, and in the final match against Chungbuk, they overturned the game with a large score of ‘4 points’ in the 5th end, ending a thrilling victory with an 8-3 victory.

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