The pitching form of the ‘1st nomination’, which did not see the light of day, was also changed… Shall we laugh this year? 

I joined as the first nomination, but did not see the light. He even served in the army. Will this season see the light?

After graduating from Yatap High School, Wonjun Lee joined the SK Wyverns (predecessor of SSG Landers) as the first pick in the 2017 KBO Rookie Draft. Lee Won-jun, who made his first team debut in the 2018 season, showed a sluggish appearance. In the 2019 season, Lee Won-joon, who only played 2 games in the 1st team, participated in the Australian prospect camp and changed his pitching form to a three-quarters player.

Lee Won-joon, who changed his pitching form, pitched in 17 games in the 2020 season, but was sluggish with 1 loss, 19⅓바카라사이트 innings, 17 runs (16 ERA), 28 hits (3 home runs), 18 strikeouts, and an average ERA of 7.45. He eventually moved down to District 2.

Afterwards, Lee Won-joon underwent surgery to remove bone fragments and was out for the season. After the 2020 season, Lee Won-jun passed the Sangmu Phoenix baseball team and returned to SSG after completing his military service at the end of last season.

On the 15th (Korean time), Lee Won-joon began pitching in the bullpen at the Jackie Robinson Train Complex in Vero Beach, Florida, USA. During bullpen pitching on the 13th, manager Kim Won-hyung also praised him, and catcher Lee Jae-won praised Lee Won-joon’s slider, saying, “The angle is alive.” However, in this bullpen pitching, something was not to my liking. I also talked a lot with manager Kim Won-hyung and pitching coach Jo Ung-cheon after the pitching was over.

Lee Won-joon, who came after training, said, “I had a problem with the balance part because I changed my pitching form a lot. There was a problem with my legs crossing. There was a problem. So it seems that the contents of the pitching come and go.”

Regarding the change in pitching form, “I threw it sideways before I went to the army. As I keep changing it, each player has a trick and a point to work hard, but I think I forgot it a little. It’s a process of holding on to it,” he said. When throwing with the hand, the mechanism is completely different. I had to throw with my leg open more than I thought.”

When asked about his goal after completing his military service, Lee Won-joon said, “I want to stop playing in the 2nd team this year. Looking at the records, I have been throwing 8 to 90 innings in the 2nd team every year. I want to throw at least half of that in the 1st team.” said.

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