The Park Min-woo we used to know is back… Even the ‘great sword’ instinct is revived with a 40% hit

Can we get out of the recession of the past two years? Park Min-woo (30), the leader of the NC Dinos attack, is making a big success at the beginning of the season.

Park Min-woo played 12 games before the game on the 18th, 먹튀검증batting average 0.410, 6 RBIs, 7 runs scored, 5 stolen bases, OPS 1.034. In his batting average, he ranks second after Anthony Alford (KT, 0.422), and is by far the first among domestic players.

Park Min-woo stands out for his steady hitting at the beginning of the season. In the opening game against Samsung held in Daegu on the 1st, he got off to a fresh start with 2 hits and 2 points in 5 at-bats, making hits in 10 out of 12 games, and recording multi-hits in 6 of them. Among the games in which he did not hit, he came out as a pinch hitter in the 8th inning against Kiwoom Changwon on the 7th, got 4 intentional pitches, and even succeeded in stealing 2 bases.

There was also a game where he acted as a solver at a crucial moment. In the game against SSG Incheon on the 15th, he broke the balance of 0 by hitting a timely hit that broke the team’s no-hit that lasted until the beginning of the 10th inning, and eventually led to the final as the team won 1-0.

Park Min-woo’s performance continues in Rusang. His 5 stolen bases is a record tied for second with Hong Chang-ki (LG). He shook opponents not only by stealing bases, but also by going one more base on short batted balls.

This active appearance of Park Min-woo is more meaningful in that it is still the same even after taking a break due to an injury. He went to the bench during the match against Doosan in Jamsil on the 5th due to a right hamstring strain while running base, and was excluded from the starting lineup for the next 3 days. If this happened, the flow could have been cut off, but after returning, he got hits in 6 out of 7 games.

In the midst of Park Min-woo’s performance, NC is making unexpected progress at the beginning of the season. As of the 17th, NC, which has a season win rate of 0.643 (9 wins and 5 losses), was tied for second place with LG, and was split only in win rate with SSG, who took first place. It is overturning the expectation that it will hover in the lower ranks due to a series of power outages.

In fact, Park Min-woo had to go through difficult times in recent seasons. Having established himself as the league’s leading second baseman by recording a batting average of 30% for six consecutive years since 2015, he only had a batting average of 0.261 in 50 games in 2021. Injuries overlapped, and he returned the national team for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after being embroiled in controversy over violating the Corona 19 quarantine rules at the away accommodation.

Park Min-woo returned in May of last year after being disciplined, but stayed with a batting average of 0.267 in 104 games. He succeeded in rebounding in July (batting average of 0.381), but in September, due to overlapping injuries, his batting average was only 0.194. The team also had a dark period by failing to advance to fall baseball for two consecutive years.

However, there was also a part of hope. It was stolen. Since 2014, Park Min-woo, who has been active enough to rank second in the league in stolen bases for two consecutive years, has since suffered overlapping injuries and the number of stolen bases has decreased. However, after stealing 12 bases in 50 games in 2021, he also stole 21 bases and had a success rate of 84% last year.

Before the season, Park Min-woo confessed, “I had greed as a runner, but there were situations where I couldn’t run even if I wanted to, and there were many restrictions because of injuries.” He said, “Now I feel the fun of stealing the old bases again.”

In the past two years, with hard hitters such as Na Seong-beom (34, current KIA), Aaron Altair (32), and Yang Eui-ji (36, current Doosan) leaving, NC needed baseball to go one more base. And although it is early in the season, Park Min-woo is performing this role properly.

Despite the recent performance that fell short of expectations, NC gave Park Min-woo a large contract last winter with a contract period of 8 years (5+3 years) and a maximum of 14 billion won. There were concerns about his decline in performance, but Park Min-woo’s appearance at the beginning of the season was enough to relieve such worries.

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