The boss bear is so scary’ storm run + careless hitting method… It’s so scary when the catcher is excited, the Lion King gives a thumbs up

‘You can’t let the catcher have fun’ This is a sentence that came to mind after watching the play of the boss bear Yang Eui-ji.

Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 20th,메이저놀이터 when a tight pitching battle continued at the beginning of the game. KT selection exclusion and Doosan selection Alcantara quickly deleted innings up to the third inning.

The protagonist who broke the tense march of 0 was Yang Eui-ji, the ‘boss bear’. 4th attack on Doosan. Leading batter Yang Eui-ji put down his greed for a while and went on base with a walk. The follow-up hitter Kim Jae-hwan struck out. When Yang Seok-hwan, 1 company and 1st base, gave a short hit in the middle of the right, Yang Eui-ji stepped on the second base and gnawed his teeth and ran to the third base.

Yang Eui-ji, who did his best to run base even with a single hit, took a deep breath after sharing a high-five with coach Jung Soo-seong after arriving at third base.

Head bear Yang Eui-ji’s active base running led captain Heo Kyung-min to start giving strength. In order to give the older brother a break from 1 company, 1st and 3rd base, the younger brother called Yang Eui-ji home with a timely hit.

The leader bear, who broke the zero march with his foot, gave a high-five with director Lee Seung-yeop and smiled brightly. The juniors also ran to Eui-ji Yang, as if they wanted it at this time, and greeted the runner who scored the first goal by slapping his palms and back.

Due to the nature of the catcher, who has to put on and take off heavy catcher equipment every inning and focus on winning against the opponent team every at-bat, the catcher is a position that consumes a lot of mental and physical stamina.

A catcher who is competitive in the first team if he is good at ball distribution and pitcher lead. However, Yang Eui-ji seemed to want not to miss any part of the ball, water, or week.

The juniors warmly welcome Yang Eui-ji, who scored the first goal in ‘Welcome to the Boss Bear’.
Yang Eui-ji, who entered the plate at the 5th inning with a 2-0 lead and a chance to score with 1 company and 2nd base, scored a runaway score with a bat this time. The ball hit lightly with his unique ‘non-centered hitting method’ passed the left fielder Alford’s key and fell after hitting the fence. It was enough for second base runner Soo-bin Jeong to hit home.

In the previous at-bat, Yang Eui-ji, who scored the first point with his foot, hit a timely hit that ran away with a hot bat, and the atmosphere at Doosan dugout heated up again.

Yang Eui-ji also performed a heart ceremony toward the dugout.

Yang Eui-ji, a senior who plays with all his might, is setting a good example for younger juniors.

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