‘The best German legend’s vitriol and praise’… “Hernandez lacks personality, will make Kim Min-jae forget quickly”

 Lothar Matheus, the best legend of German football and the legend of Bayern Munich, a famous German club, highly praised Min-jae Kim wearing the Bayern Munich uniform.

Matheus is a legend who played a total of 12 seasons at Bayern Munich. He was responsible for a total of 12 championships, including five German Bundesliga titles. He is one of the representative players that symbolize Bayern Munich.

He is also the hero of the German national team. He led Italy to win the 1990 World Cup and was also a key player in winning Euro 1980. Matheus has played in 150 A-matches. He still holds the German all-time number one record.

This Matheus threw a message of praise toward Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae is a central defender who arrived at Bayern Munich to fill the spot after Luca Hernandez left for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Matheus first lashed out at Hernandez through Germany’s ‘Express’. He poured out vicious words that he was a player who lacked character.

“Hernandez is a prime example of a lack of character,” he began.

Matheus continued: “He’s a player who doesn’t express gratitude. Bayern Munich always supported Hernandez when he caused trouble on and off the pitch. They offered him a contract extension, especially when he was injured. But Hernandez rejected it and went to PSG. If I had known gratitude, if I had humility, I should have signed a new contract.”

Hernandez is a central centre-back for Bayern Munich. However, Matheus was convinced that there was no void for Hernandez. Because Kim Min-jae is there.

Matheus expressed his trust in Kim Min-jae, saying, “There is no loss for Bayern Munich with the transfer of Hernandez. It is because there is Kim Min-jae, who is highly regarded worldwide. Kim Min-jae will make Hernandez forget quickly. I am sure.”메이저놀이터

There is no need to worry about Kim Min-jae’s lack of personality. Kim Min-jae is a representative player with sincerity, dedication, and consideration unique to Korean players. It is known that the coach of Bayern Munich, Thomas Tuchel, who is a ‘Korean Wave’, also likes this aspect of Kim Min-jae.

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