That feeling of KT Kim Sang-soo “I gather strength in my hind legs”

KT Kim Sang-soo (33) was left out of the starting lineup for the Suwon Samsung match on the 17th. He couldn’t even play in the second half of the game. During the game the previous day, he had to spend a day on the bench for management reasons due to symptoms of phlegm in his right neck.먹튀검증

Kim Sang-soo’s position is getting bigger and bigger. In the game that day, when Kim Sang-soo was removed from the KT lineup, there was a big change in the batting order, with foreign hitter Anthony Alford appearing as the first hitter in his KBO League debut. Kim Sang-soo has been playing as the first or second hitter recently.

Another ‘heyday’ has come.

Since his debut, he has been playing as a shortstop, his most familiar position, and is also performing with high purity in his at-bat. He doesn’t know if he has already exceeded expectations when he left Samsung as a free agent last winter and moved to KT.

Even until 2018, Kim Sang-soo played as a shortstop for Samsung, but since then he has been playing as a fixed second baseman, and since the second half of last year when Park Jin-man’s acting manager system began, he has increased the frequency of appearances as a shortstop again. After transferring to KT, he is playing only as a shortstop again.

As a shortstop, Kim Sang-soo showed stable and sensuous movements, and the worries of managing the KT infield have already been blown away since former shortstop Shim Woo-jun (Sangmu) left. In addition, concerns about the ‘aging curve’, which he promised himself along with the transfer, are also blowing away.

Above all, he is adjusting the batting cycle alone in the clear season of ‘Two Taser’. As of the 17th, Kim Sang-soo is recording a batting average of 0.288 (55 hits in 191 bats). He is second in the team following Alford (0.317) as a player who has filled the required number of at-bats, and also ranks second in the number of hits in the season following Alford (58).

In an interview on the 15th, Kim Sang-soo said, “I should say that when I was good (in the past), when I hit, my hind legs gather strength, but there is such a thing. But that feeling came back.” Kim Sang-soo also said, “In my case, I need to hit a lot of pushing balls, but if I’m in a hurry, I tried to do that, but it didn’t work out. That is what is happening now,” he said.

Maybe it’s ‘compatibility’ with the team. Samsung has been a team that has undergone a generational change in the infield in recent years. On the other hand, KT’s top priority is to create the best power every season. This is why there are so many places for veterans to stand. This is also a story already proven by Park Byeong-ho, the ‘Geopo’, who re-emerges the firepower of his heyday after transferring to KT.

Kim Sang-soo seems to have heard related advice from Park Byung-ho. He said, “Byung-ho hyung told me a lot of good things. He was a strength,” he said. My goal is to become stronger by playing as many games as possible.” Kim Sang-soo also said, “I think the teams above are in sight,” and “Our team is a team that can win 5 or 6 consecutive wins at any time. There is a good starting pitcher and there is also a bullpen pitcher who can block the game. I can go up,” he said.

Kim Sang-soo was also a ‘genius shortstop’ who took the stage too early. Kim Sang-soo graduated from Gyeongbuk High School and played 97 games since 2009, the first year he joined the team. Even in his first season with the team, he played more than half of his games as a shortstop. Maybe that’s why the shadow of being like a player who has been playing for a very long time may have followed him too early.

Kim Sang-soo’s shortstop classmate is Oh Ji-hwan (33), who led the LG infield and won the Golden Glove last year. Kim Sang-su, who did not know about Kim Sang-soo, may have had a lot of time left.

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