Tennis prospect Hwang Dong-hyun and Cho Se-hyeok won the ITF India Tournament and placed in the semifinals

Hwang Dong-hyeon (Choi Joo-yeon Academy) and Cho Se-hyeok (Namwon Base Sports Club), the top 10 men’s tennis prospects, won the championship and semifinals in the ITF competition.메이저놀이터

15-year-old Hwang Dong-hyun defeated a Russian player 2-3 years older by a score of 2 to 1 in the final of the ‘ITF Chandiga International Junior Group 3 Competition’ under 18 years of age held in Chandiga, India.

14-year-old Jo Se-hyeok, who came out with 18 Cebu, also beat his older brothers one after another and advanced to the semifinals.

Hwang Dong-hyeon and Se-hyeok Cho were selected to participate in the ITF Touring Team, a program that selects and nurtures promising players from around the world.

Professor Lim was delighted, saying, “In the case of international junior competitions under the age of 18, if Korean players manage well and give goals, they will achieve it.”

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