Super backup Kim Min-hyeok, who filled the vacancy of the assigned team, replaced with choking after a super catch

 KT Wiz Kim Min-hyeok was replaced with diarrhoea in the neck.

Kim Min-hyeok started as center fielder twice in the first game of the season against Samsung held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on the 28th.

At the beginning 스포츠토토of the second inning, he quickly came down and caught Kim Young-woong’s hitting ball with a sliding catch after one out. In the process of grabbing and falling, he was shocked by the friction with the ground, which was originally uncomfortable in his neck and shoulders. After lying down for a long time after the catch, Min-hyeok Kim, who couldn’t get up, stood up after visiting the trainer, but he couldn’t hide his discomfort.

Kim Min-hyuk was replaced by Hong Hyun-bin from the defense in the top of the 5th inning after digesting the second at-bat.

Kim Min-hyeok, who had not been able to start the match the day before due to a condition around his neck, regretfully withdrew due to the aftereffects of the lake. A KT official explained, “I felt a weakness in my neck during the defense process, so I replaced the player protection car.”

Kim Min-hyuk has filled the void of the battalion, which has been away for a long time due to injury, by making a big success in the air defense. He is batting .324 with an OPS of .816 and scoring 12 points in 21 games this season.

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