St. Louis, Sellers Declaration ‘163 km fastball pitcher Naona’

The St. Louis Cardinals, who finished the first half at the bottom of the district after suffering from sluggish performance, gave up advancing to the postseason and declared sellers.

On the 13th (hereinafter Korean time), US Fox Sports cited the words of John Moseliac, the president of St. Louis, and mentioned the seller declaration.

“We will try to trade players,” said President Mozeliac, “and we will enter into the composition of the squad in preparation for the 2024 season.”

Jordan Hicks (27) and Jack Flaherty (28), who are scheduled to acquire free agent qualifications, are being mentioned as players to be on the trade market.

Hicks is one of the best fastball pitchers in the major leagues. This season, he is throwing a four-seam fastball averaging 101.2 mph. He has a team that is confident in correcting the first ball, and it is worth salivating.

In addition, Flaherty, who once led the St. Louis mound as an ace, although his recent performance is not good, can also be a card to reinforce the starting lineup.

However, Paul Goldschmidt (36), who won the National League MVP last year, is unlikely to appear on the market.

This is because St. Louis is trying to advance to the postseason in the 2024 season. Goldschmidt is the core of the St. Louis lineup.카지노사이트

Nolan Arenado (32) is also not a target. The contract with Arenado is until the 2027 season. Because his remaining salary is also considerable.

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