Short mouth’ Ahn Jae-seok struggles to gain weight… Unsatisfied with 3kg+

“I gained 3 kg, but I plan to increase the weight while maintaining this.”

Ahn Jae-seok, a key prospect in the Doosan Bears’ infield, has been struggling with food during the team’s spring camp in Sydney, Australia, which has been ongoing since the 1st. Most players adjust their diet to manage weight during overseas training, but Ahn Jae-seok is an exception. He is making an effort to eat whenever he has a chance.

Ahn Jae-seok did not weigh 80kg during the season until last year. He had a relatively light body condition of 78kg, which was not suitable for his height of 185cm.

Ahn Jae-seok chose to bulk up after agonizing over finding a turning point on his own this year, his third year as a pro. Over the winter스포츠토토, he increased his muscle mass through weight training and gained weight up to 81 kg through a balanced diet.

After completing morning training at Blacktown International Sports Park in Sydney, Australia on the 8th, Ahn Jae-seok said, “I did a lot of off-season weight training, but it was regrettable that seniors and coaches said that my body didn’t seem to grow very much. I think I’m fine,” he said with a laugh.

He also explained his change, “I have gained about 3kg. I am currently 81kg, but I have been maintaining it for a week since I came to Sydney, so I am thinking of increasing it a little more. I am trying to eat a lot of food first.”

However, calling the body is not as easy as one might think. Ahn Jae-seok himself is basically not a style with a lot of food to the extent that he himself says, “I have a short mouth.”

Ahn Jae-seok emphasized, “I have a short mouth compared to people who exercise. Eating slowly has an effect.”

I am also paying attention to my condition management. He has not forgotten the lesson he suffered during the regular season after picking up his pace too quickly in last year’s spring camp and is slowly improving his physical condition.

Ahn Jae-seok reflected on himself, “Last season, I was too over-paced in the beginning. As I went into the second half, I ran out of strength, felt pressure, and only got ahead of myself.” added. 

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