‘Short-armed man who forgot the cold’ Kim Seo-hyun, 13 districts right after the SNS wave… ‘155km full-scale start’

 Still, it is the future of Hanwha.

On the 11th (hereafter Korean time), there was no bullpen pitching by rookie Kim Seo-hyun in the training schedule that Hanwha informed reporters who visited Bellbank Park in Mesa, Arizona, for spring camp. As soon as Kim Seo-hyun returned to training after three days of self-restraint due to the social media scandal, it was unreasonable for him to start pitching the bullpen right away.

However, a Hanwha official said메이저놀이터, “Since Kim Seo-hyun did not pitch for 4 days, which was not an official bullpen pitching, he conducted a short pitching program to learn the sense of the mound and the ball. Kim Seo-hyun requested, and there were concerns such as injuries due to sudden pitching, so he proceeded with 13 short pitches rather than formal pitching.”

As soon as Kim Seo-hyun appeared at the training ground that day, she bowed her head 90 degrees to the members and reporters and apologized for the recent controversy. He even shed tears. After that, when he started training, it was impressive how he suddenly changed and focused. He digested PFP normally and even pitched unexpectedly.

It was a ‘surprise pitching’ that not only general manager Son Hyuk, but also the front desk and officials did not know about. The reporter also suddenly heard the news while moving to the indoor training ground and turned around. Immediately after pitching, Seohyun Kim said, “I had a plan.” He seemed unreasonable in a situation where he only did weight training for three days.

Moreover, it was windier than usual in Belbank Park that day. It felt quite cold. Nevertheless, Kim Seo-hyun entered the bullpen wearing only short-sleeved underwear. Although he only threw 13 pitches, the power was palpable. He said, “I’m two-seam” and “I’m fastball,” and the way he pitched was also impressive.

After Kim Seo-hyun finished pitching, she exchanged feedback with pitching coach José Rosado through conversation. However, General Manager Son Hyuk was calm. “In the meantime, my physical condition and whether I exercised or not didn’t matter. Reflection comes first.” Then he said, “You have to watch what you do in the future.”

Kim Seo-hyun is evaluated as an out-of-towner just by looking at her pitching skills. He easily throws a mid-150km fastball. It is also noticeable that he freely adjusts the height of his arms. He has the ability to confuse batters by throwing overhand and three quarters. On this day, he did not adjust to arm height through 13 pitches. However, the power of his ball was definitely felt. Controversy is controversy, and it is undeniable that he has extraordinary talent.

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