Shin Jin-seo-Lee Won-young compete to win the Maxim Coffee Cup’s best match 

Shin Jin-seo and Lee Won-young clash over the championship cup of the Maxim Coffee Cup, a 9-dan professional Go match that is said to be the height of success.

On the 21st, in the final match of the semifinals 메이저놀이터of the 24th Maxim Coffee Cup, which was held at the Go TV studio of Korea Origin, Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, defeated Hong Seong-ji, 9th Dan, in 233 moves, and reached the second final of the tournament.

Earlier, in the first match of the semifinals held at the same place on the 20th, Lee Won-young, 9th Dan, won the match against Han Seung-ju, 9th Dan, in 197 moves, and advanced to the final.

In this final, attention is drawn to the confrontation between Jinseo Shin, 9th Dan, who has been ranked first in the rankings for 39 consecutive months, and Wonyeong Lee, who is at the center of the blast in the 24th competition. The opponent record is 2 wins 2 losses. Lee Won-yeong, 9P, won 2 wins first, followed by Shin Jin-Seo, 9P.

Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, who rose to fame in 2018, won the debut season by defeating Lee Dong-hoon, 9th Dan, 2-1 in the 20th tournament, the first appearance of the Maxim Coffee Cup. With the win in the first season, he set a new record as the youngest (19 years, 1 month, 10 days) to win the Maxim Coffee Cup. In this fourth tournament, Lee Ji-hyeon, 9-dan, started with Cho Han-seung, Byeon Sang-il, and Hong Seong-ji, 9-dan, and successfully advanced to the final.

Lee Won-young, 9th dan, was promoted to 9th dan in November 2021 and got his first opportunity to participate in this competition. Lee Won-young, 9th Dan, who defeated Shin Min-jun, 9th Dan from the round of 32, advanced to the semifinals by beating Park Jin-sol and Han Sang-hoon, 9th Dan. In the semifinals, which drew attention as a confrontation between newcomers, they overpowered Han Seung-ju, 9th dan, who has recently shown an upward trend, leading the first season to the finals.

The third round of the finals will start with the first station held at Go TV Studio on April 3, followed by the second station at Konjiam Resort in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do on the 10th. If the score is 1-1, the winner will be decided through the final match at the Go TV studio on the 11th.

Sponsored by Dongseo Foods and hosted by Korea Kiwon, the winner of the 24th Maxim Coffee Cup, the best contest for success, has a prize money of 50 million won and a prize money of 20 million won for the runner-up. The time limit is 5 countdowns of 40 seconds each in 10 minutes. All matches of the finals will be broadcast live on Go TV every Monday and Tuesday from 7:00 pm.

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