Shin Jin-ho, “It may look like a crazy X, but there was sincerity in the transfer”

(Best Eleven = Changwon)

Shin Jin-ho explained the background of his decision to transfer.

Shin Jin-ho attended the press conference for the 2023 K-League winter field training media camp held at the Changwon International Hotel in Gyeongnam on the 14th and said of Pohang Steelers coach Kim Ki-dong, “I want to say sorry to meet you anytime. I want to say hello when it happens. It’s a problem that I have to solve with the director, so I don’t believe he’s going to keep it in his heart and take it with him. It’s true that I felt grateful and sorry to the director.”

It is Shin Jin-ho wearing an Incheon uniform in the winter transfer market ahead of this season. Shin Jin-ho played a big role in Pohang last season, recording 4 goals and 10 assists in 32 matches, and was included in the K-League 1 Best 11. He had a hard time negotiating a renewal contract and decided to go to Incheon. During this process, director Kim Ki-dong expressed regret, saying that he had no sympathy.

Shin Jin-ho said, “I may look like a crazy메이저사이트 X, but I consider myself a sincere person. I am a soccer player, but I love soccer. I unintentionally went to Ulsan Hyundai, then from Ulsan to Pohang, and then from Pohang to Incheon, but the fans They will regret it, and of course they won’t be happy.”

He said, “I know it’s true, but in various situations, a player must have a heart for the team. I transferred several times, but I moved while keeping the principle, and I tried not to go against the principle. One of the principles is that you have to have a heart. That’s it,” he said about the background of his transfer to Incheon.

Kim Seung-dae, who led Pohang with Shin Jin-ho earlier and wore the armband for Pohang this season, said that even if Shin Jin-ho joins Incheon, Pohang will win the match.

Shin Jin-ho said, “I think I said that because I’m claiming it, but I’m a junior that I like. I always support you and hope it goes well. As a captain, I think it can be burdensome on the one hand,” he said. “I don’t want to talk like that. .

He also shared his impressions of reuniting with his close younger brother, Lee Myeong-joo, who had been with Yeungnam University and Pohang. Shin Jin-ho said, “There are players who read my thoughts. There are players who think about what to do when they catch the ball, and there are players who think about what to do. Lee Myung-joo is the former. I believe that breathing will improve over time. There are many good players on our team, so I want to create an atmosphere where we can create positive synergies together.”

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