Sejingya also joined the growing ‘young guns’, Daegu’s reason for ‘first winning streak of the season’

The first consecutive win of the season, there is a reason.

Daegu FC is on the road to their first winning streak of the season. After catching Gwangju FC (2-0 win) on the 13th, on the 20th, they beat Daejeon Hana Citizen 1-0 and ran for two consecutive wins. Daegu, who earned a valuable 6 points on the away road, not at the home stadium, settled in 6th place with 20 points.

Growing young guns are at the center of the winning streak안전놀이터. Jae-hyeon Ko “Gojagi”, Hwang Jae-won, a defender born in 2002, and midfielder Park Se-jin, born in 2004 protect the ground, and they are showing growth every game.

Park Se-jin and Ko Jae-hyeon scored consecutive goals in the previous match against Gwangju, and in the match against Daejeon, Ko Jae-hyun, who received an exquisite cross from Hwang Jae-won, started scoring again and gave the team victory.

These are the future resources of Daegu. Ko Jae-hyun, born in 1999, has been wearing a Daegu uniform since 2018, and his skills are in full bloom after going on loan to Seoul E-Land for two seasons in the K League 2. He recorded 13 goals and 2 assists in 32 appearances last season. This season, he is active as the nucleus of the attack even in the situation where Sejingya’s injury is frequent. He has appeared in 14 matches to date and has scored 5 goals.

Hwang Jae-won joined Daegu last season. Based on his vigorous activity, he is invigorating the ground. His movement, especially off the ball, is excellent. In the first season of his debut, he played in 34 matches, but this season he has been playing full-time, except for 2 out of 14 matches.

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Midfielder Park Se-jin, the youngest of the Young Guns, joined Daegu this season and plays his part every time he steps on the ground. The voice of Daegu coach Choi Won-kwon, who said, “The players are doing well,” was filled with pride. This is also the reason Choi actively uses U22 resources.

In particular, the ceremony together when the Young Guns score a goal or produce an offensive point is making Daegu fans smile. Ko Jae-hyun, who scored a goal from Hwang Jae-won’s cross in the match against Daejeon, ran to Hwang Jae-won after scoring and smiled brightly as he crossed his index fingers.

Here, ‘King of Daegu’ Sejingya made a comeback after recovering from an injury. On the 26th of last month, he was replaced by Suwon FC, and after a month, he stood on the ground and played the game full-time as a starter. Director Choi said, “I kept asking about my condition. “He’s the only player I don’t manage,” he laughs. “That’s how good his self-management is. He is currently in good physical condition.”

With the growth of the Young Guns, even Sejingya returned. Despite difficulties, a smile spreads across Director Choi’s face as Daegu unravels the threads one by one.

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