Samsung’restriction issue’ reignited… As soon as a rookie came, he became a ‘138km pitcher’?

 The originality of Samsung fans is self-evident. They complain that if only Samsung comes in, the pitchers will lose their restraints. To say the conclusion first, it should be seen that ‘covering up’ restraints do not just go down.

Lee Ho-seong has been ‘hot’ lately. 스포츠토토“The pitcher who threw 145 km per hour during the demonstration game became a pitcher at 138 km per hour in 2 to 3 weeks,” fans were angry. It was like that in the most recent appearance, against SSG on the 12th.

On that day, he threw a total of 46 pitches. It is true that the speed of 138 km per hour came out. However, on the contrary, the highest speed came out to 147 km/h. The 6th time showed a distribution of 138 ~ 147km per hour, and the 7th time was 142 ~ 145km per hour. In the eighth inning, he recorded between 139 and 145 km/h.

He did not become a ‘138 km/h pitcher’. If this statement is true, then the phrase ‘147 km/h pitcher’ is also true. Director Park Jin-man said, “Lee Ho-seong is a rookie. This is the step of increasing the number of pitches. He seems to lose his strength if he throws a lot. He still lacks stamina. As he throws, there are times when he throws his balance,” he explained.

“In the game on the 12th, the 6th inning was slow, but the 7th inning, the second inning, was good. He also blocked well in the 8th inning. He must accumulate experience points by throwing. Then he can get good speed while maintaining his balance.”

A Samsung official said, “Lee Ho-seong showed a good appearance from the camp. There are times when he loses strength and his condition declines while doing physical training and technical training. He is the reason why redemption falls momentarily. On the 12th, he recorded a maximum speed of 147 km per hour. The slider also comes out to 137-138 km/h. He is not a pitcher who throws a slow ball.”

The story of left-hander Lee Seung-hyun comes out constantly. This is because his speed has dropped compared to his debut season. In 2021, a powerful ball at 150 km per hour was sprayed. Even on average, it was in the mid-140 km/h. He seems to be about 2-3km away now.

Kang Min-ho said, “The impact of his debut season was so great. Wouldn’t that impact still remain? (Lee) Seunghyun is still working hard to get it back. In fact, a lot of restraints have come up. He catches the ball and raises the pitch of the breaking ball at the same time. It is difficult if the control is not good, if the main weapon, the curve, does not work,” he said.

My back was not good for the 2022 season. Lee Seung-hyun himself said, “It is true that I couldn’t throw in 2022, the second year. There was no arrest either. Not this year. I keep looking at the team’s trackman data, and it comes out at 149 km per hour. Even if you look at the average, it’s in the middle of 140 km/h. The beginning is not real. It doesn’t really seem like it,” he said, raising his voice.

Actually, this season is off to a good start. He has played 6 games until the 16th, making 1 win and 0 earned run average. He has a heavy fastball and his main weapon has a good curve. As Lee Seung-hyun said, he is regaining his restraint. Guwi also lives.

Looking at the record against Lotte on the 16th, the most recent appearance, the lowest speed was 144 km per hour and the highest speed was 146 km per hour. According to Statistics, a statistics site, the average speed of the game against Lotte on the 16th was 142.3 km per hour. It makes a difference.

A Samsung official said, “I keep paying attention to speed, and I want to catch my ball. The changing ball is also being refined. Too busy to do it at the same time. This is not an era where hitters can’t hit just because the ball is fast. There must be a breaking ball, and there must be a control ball. Lee Seung-yeon is working hard on herself,” he explained.

Another player to pick is Choi Choong-yeon. In 2018, he recorded 85 innings in 70 games, 2 wins, 6 losses, 16 holds, 8 saves, and an ERA of 3.60. He was a pitcher with a high-speed ball from his height.

he lost a lot He was suspended for non-competition activities and had elbow surgery. The entire two years of 2020-2021 were blown. He returned in 2022, but he never regained his balance.

He said 2023 would be different. At the time of spring camp, “I found the points I lost. It took a long time, but it’s fine now. He showed confidence, saying, “I do everything I want to do in the bullpen.” He was even named camp MVP.

However, he pitched 2.2 innings in 3 games of the season and had an earned run average of 10.13 without a win or loss. His restraint has recovered quite a bit. It can be recorded up to 147-148 km/h. I threw this much from the trial game.

The problem is my gut. The impact groups are not uniformly formed. If you throw the ball and it hits the center, you get hit. 2 walks in 2.2 innings. Calculated per 9 innings, that’s 6.75. This is the reason why the hit rate is 0.333 and the WHIP (on-base percentage per inning) is 2.25.

Kang Min-ho said, “It is no exaggeration to say that he is almost the only pitcher on our team who can hit with strong force. He has to do really well. It’s not going well right now, but I’m working really hard.”

He was called the ‘key’ of Samsung’s bullpen. If Choong-yeon Choi lives, Samsung will have more room in the bullpen. Even if you throw 150 km per hour, it is meaningless if you cannot control it. In the past, when there was coach Eiji Ochiai, Samsung emphasized pitching and aggressive pitching. “Catch the first pitch and the second pitch strike,” he emphasizes.

Samsung knows there are speed issues too. It is no exaggeration to say that he is doing everything he can to improve his velocity. A Samsung official emphasized, “There is no team that intentionally slows down the pace.”

The pace was good until the demonstration game, but at this point it seems to have fallen slightly. If you get on the up cycle again, there is room for improvement. Can Samsung pitchers make fans say, “Our pitchers are now fast.” 

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