Ryu Hyun-jin returns, ‘ERA 6.10’ Park Chan-ho doppelganger leaves? This is the world of sober ML

If Ryu Hyun-jin returns, will Chan Ho Park’s doppelganger leave?

The general consensus is that Hyun-jin Ryu (Toronto Blue Jays) will return to the major leagues after one more game with the Triple-A Buffalo Bisons. If he doesn’t get too sick, he should be back in the majors by the end of July.

For Ryu, the second half of the season is a crucial time in his baseball career. In addition to being a key contributor to Toronto’s second-place finish in the American League wild-card race, he will be eligible for free agency in 2023-2024. It’s a matter of life or death in the majors. That’s why his performance upon return is so important.

But if Ryu makes Toronto’s 40-man roster, someone has to go off the 40-man roster. That’s the cold reality of Major League Baseball. Whoever it is, you have to accept it. It’s only natural that Toronto would intentionally make room for a pitcher with a four-year, $80 million contract.

Blue Jays Nation reported on Sunday that when Ryu returns, “Park Chan-ho doppelganger” Mitch White will likely be designated for assignment. White was traded from the Los Angeles Dodgers to Toronto during the 2022 season. However, he didn’t do much in Toronto. He bounced back and forth between starting and middling in Toronto, failing to win a single game.

In 10 games in 2022, he went 5-0 with a 7.74 ERA, and in eight games in 2023, he went winless with a 6.10 ERA. Unlike last year, he hasn’t gotten any starts this season. This was due to the fact that the established starters stayed out of the rotation, but it was also due to White’s lack of impact.

Blue Jays Nation believes that White’s injury was a major factor in his preparation for the season. An actual elbow strain hampered his preparation for the season. “He didn’t have the experience to be a starter,” Blue Jays Nation said, “and was more of a back-of-the-bullpen reliever.

Blue Jays Nation also noted that “Ryu’s return opens up the 40-man and 26-man rosters. A depth arm like Thomas Hatch could be designated for assignment, but it’s hard to imagine White staying with the team when Toronto has to go through that in a couple weeks to activate Chad Green from the 60-day disabled list.”카지노사이트

The odds are stacked in favor of White’s departure once Hyun-Jin Ryu returns. Blue Jays Nation wrote, “Toronto could place White on the disabled list or even the 40-man roster. But no matter what happens, it’s hard to see where White fits in Toronto when he’s finally fully healthy.” In other words, it’s hard to see a long run for White in Toronto.

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