Relegation Crisis-Recruitment Frustration-Management Failure…Really Unsolvable Everton

Even if it can’t be, it can’t be like this.

Everton is a historic English club founded in 1878 and is also the home of the English Premier League (EPL). In the 2000s, despite the lack of funds, he consistently performed well and left an impression, and then secured a competitive squad by investing heavily like other EPL teams. There were times when I was in the upper middle class, but I couldn’t rise above it.

The recent decline has been evident. From the 2019-20 season, it was pushed out of the top 10, and last season it was pushed to the brink of relegation. He took a breather after succeeding in remaining in the final 16th place. Everton’s board has invested 78.2 million euros (approximately 105 billion won) in the summer transfer market alone to support coach Frank Lampard. Amadou Onana, Dwight McNeil, Neil Moffe, James Garner and James Tarkovsky were all signed.

I definitely spent money, but my grades weren’t any better. As of now, 20 league games have been played, only 15 points have been won. 11 losses while winning 3. Based on the last 10 league matches, it is 2 draws and 8 losses. Their offense is the worst in the league and their defense is also poor. When there seemed to be no room for improvement, Everton sacked Lampard.

In the winter transfer market, they promoted the recruitment of Arnaud Danjuma to strengthen their attack power. He was actually considered an Everton player to the extent that it was said that he had even undergone a medical test, but Danjuma suddenly chose to go to Tottenham Hotspur. As Tottenham hijacked, Everton lost Danjuma, who was expected to power the attack. 먹튀검증

Existing resources are in danger of being given up. British public broadcaster ‘BBC’ said on the 24th (Korean time), “Chelsea and Newcastle United want Gordon. How quickly Everton’s new manager is appointed will depend on Gordon’s future.” Gordon has not lived up to expectations this season, but is Everton’s best young gun. If the talent that helps the attack in various ways is missing, it is more a blow to Everton.

Performance, recruitment, and player retention are not going well, and even the management of the club is a mess. The British ‘Guardian’ said on the 25th, “Everton owner Fahad Moshiri is thinking of selling Everton. He is looking to buy the club for 500 million euros (approximately 671.6 billion won).” The reason why Everton even considered their intention to sell was because they had completely lost the trust of the fans due to business failures and poor player recruitment.

Everton is in such a downtrend that it is unknown whether it will be sold at its full price. If this continues, various worst situations such as relegation, failed recruiting, core departure, and decline in club value could come at once. It’s a brutal winter for Everton fans.

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