Ready for the World Cup sortie…The women’s national team departing tomorrow “We will become an extraordinary team”

The Korean women’s soccer team leaves for Australia on the 10th to participate in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Ji So-yeon (Suwon FC), a 32-year-old veteran midfielder of the national team, threw a vote saying, “Korea will become an extraordinary team in this tournament.” 카지노사이트

The keyword for this national team is ‘high intensity’. Colin Bell (England) coach of the women’s national team uses the most accurate Korean pronunciation to say ‘gogangdo’. This word, which means intense training, has become an iconic word for the women’s national team. 

Coach Bell said she didn’t just increase the intensity of training unconditionally, but also presented a clear goal. It’s the ‘continuous sprint’. The physical and tactical level of world women’s football has improved rapidly in recent years. Accordingly, it is judged that Korea, which is inferior in physique, can only compete in the World Cup finals if it has world-class stamina and speed. 

She also explained that “resilience” should be developed through high-intensity training, not just running stamina. The idea is to build the ability to sprint during a race and then recover quickly so you can run again. 

On the 8th, the women’s national team played an evaluation match against Haiti on the 8th at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. He won a 2-1 come-from-behind victory, and above all, received a passing score in physical strength and activity, completing the verification of ‘high-intensity’ training. Korea scored the first goal in the 15th minute of the first half of the Haiti evaluation match, but overwhelmed the opponent in the second half and scored two goals in a row only in the second half. 

Tasks remain. After the game, coach Bell pointed out the points for improvement, saying, “It is important to switch defenses quickly.” Veteran defender Shim Seo-yeon (Suwon FC) and striker Jo So-hyeon (Tottenham), who are at the center of the team, also said after the game against Haiti, “The transition between defense and attack was lacking,” and said they would focus on improving this until the finals. 

This tournament is virtually the last World Cup for veteran players in their 30s, called the so-called ‘Golden Generation’, such as Ji So-yeon, Shim Seo-yeon, and Cho So-hyun. The eagerness of those who consider it the last challenge and the harmony of new and old generations such as Chun Garam (Hwacheon KSPO) and Casey Eugene Fair (PDA) are expected to be elements that boost the team’s energy. 

After leaving Korea on the 10th, the women’s national team is scheduled to play a closed-door evaluation match against the European team on the 16th. The first match in Group H of the World Cup group stage will be played against Colombia on the 25th. 

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