Rashford’s scoring continues

Marcus Rashford is showing a phenomenal scoring streak.

Manchester United and Leicester City’s Premier League round 24 held on the 19th. Man Utd, which has been on a tight schedule recently, struggled with Leicester’s카지노사이트 sharp attack from the beginning of the game.

Man Utd, who were physically inferior to Leicester. This game didn’t look so easy.

But there was Rashford at Manchester United. Rashford scored the opening goal in the 25th minute after receiving a penetrating pass from Bruno Fernandez. It was a scene that clearly showed the confidence that had recently risen. Also, with this goal, he created a meaningful record of seven goals in a row in the Premier League home game.

However, Rashford was not satisfied with this and scored an additional goal in the 11th minute of the second half, scoring 24 goals in all competitions this season. Among them, Rashford scored 16 goals only after the World Cup in Qatar. The World Cup was the perfect turning point for Rashford.

Meanwhile, Manchester United won 3-0 thanks to Rashford’s multi-goal and Jadon Sancho’s extra goal. With this victory, Manchester United, who are five points clear of first place Arsenal, are ready to jump into the race for the lead in earnest.

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