Radukanu passes first round of Australian Open tennis… 2 round clash with gof

The ‘futures’ of women’s tennis from the US and UK face off in the second round of the singles at the Australian Open tennis tournament.

2021 US Open singles champion Emma Radu Kanu defeated Germany’s Tamara Korpacch 2-0 in the first round of women’s singles on the first day of her season’s first major event, the Australian Open, held in Melbourne, Australia today (16th).

Radu Kanu, who suffered an ankle injury earlier this month that caused fears of not participating in the tournament, outscored her opponent with a score of 27 to 10 in the number of successful attacks, confirming her advance to the second round in 1 hour and 25 minutes.

In addition, last year’s French Open runner-up Koko Goff of the United States also defeated Czech Republic’s Caterina Siniakova 2-0. 슬롯사이트

This resulted in a face-to-face match between Radukanu and Goff in the second round.

Radukanu was born in 2002 and Goff was born in 2004.

Her best performance in a major event is Radu Kanu, who won the US Open, ahead of last year’s French Open runner-up Goff, but her personal best ranking is 4th and Radu Kanu 10th, with Goff leading.

Goff is a player who was expected to be the ‘second Serena Williams’ early on, and Radukanu, born to a Romanian father and a Chinese mother, is also evaluated as having the potential to surpass the retired Mariya Sharapova’s marketing power.

The two have never met head-to-head.

American Jessica Pegula, whose mother is of Korean descent, also settled in the second round after beating Jacqueline Christian of Romania 2-0 in the first round.

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