Quiet return to the starting lineup after a year and five months “It was a chance to send Suwon to the relegation zone”

Professional soccer K League 1 FC Seoul’s Go Yo-han, 35, was all smiles after his team’s victory in the Super Match following his return to the starting lineup after a year and five months.

Seoul won 1-0 against Suwon in the 29th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2023 Super Match at Suwon World Cup Stadium on Feb. 2.메이저사이트

With the win, Seoul went 1-1-1 under acting head coach Kim Jin-gyu and moved up to third place with 11 wins, 10 draws and eight losses (43 points). Seoul also won all three SuperMatches this season, extending its dominance in the all-time series to 42 wins, 25 draws and 35 losses.

After a lengthy rehabilitation due to injury, Go made his first start since April 3, 2022, against the Pohang Steelers and played the full 45 minutes to help the team win.

Acting head coach Kim Jin-kyu decided that Go was fit enough to return, but he wanted to give him a chance to start in a special game, the Super Match.

Kim also said, “Go is a legend among legends. He has a gap, but what he has is enough. Today, he played 45 minutes and gave everything he had to give,” he said.

“When I heard that my first start would be in a super match, I was more determined,” he said of his preparation, adding, “I thought that today’s game would send Suwon to the relegation zone and give us a chance to move up to the top split.”

Ko Yo-han, a one-club man who played exclusively for Seoul, shared three titles with the club. “I’m nearing the end of my career, and I want to come down with a championship again within that time frame,” he said.

Meanwhile, Go made a cute mistake during the interview by still referring to his longtime coach, Kim Jin-gyu (38), who is three years his junior, as ‘(Kim) Jin-gyu’s brother’.

He said, “It’s still awkward to be called coach. But other than that, it’s all good. He has to walk the path of a leader now, so I’m accepting it,” he laughed.

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