‘Preparing a luxury villa for Kim Min-jae’ Manchester United releases Maguire → 17 billion won reduction in transfer fee

Manchester United (hereinafter referred to as Man United), which is predicted to have a high possibility of recruiting Kim Min-jae, is showing a desire to organize defenders.

England Football안전놀이터 Transfer reported on the 20th (local time) that “Man United has reduced the transfer fee for defender Maguire, who is interested in Tottenham and West Ham United.” The media said, ‘Maguire, whose credibility has declined at Manchester United since the appointment of manager Ten Hagh, can transfer to Tottenham or West Ham in the transfer market this summer. Maguire’s transfer was expected to be completed for a transfer fee of around £50 million (approximately KRW 82.7 billion), but Manchester United will also accept a transfer fee of £40 million (approximately KRW 66.1 billion).’

Football Transfer said about Maguire’s possibility of going to Tottenham, ‘It depends on Tottenham’s appointment of a manager. If Slott is to take charge of Tottenham, he may not sign Maguire. Tottenham are also known to be aiming to sign Manchester City defender Laporte. In addition, the media said, ‘Man Utd will accept 40 million pounds for Maguire’s transfer fee, but Maguire’s current market value is about 25 million pounds (approximately 41.3 billion won)’. When Maguire transferred from Leicester City to Manchester United in the 2019-20 season, he recorded the highest transfer fee of 80 million pounds (about 132.3 billion won) for a center back, but his market value plummeted along with his sluggish performance at Manchester United.

Kim Min-jae is predicted to have an imminent transfer to Manchester United. Italian media Ilmartino said on the 20th, ‘Man Utd’s recruitment of Kim Min-jae has been practically completed. Manchester United agreed to pay Kim Min-jae an annual salary of 9 million euros (about 12.9 billion won) and will send 65 million euros (about 93.3 billion won) to Napoli as Kim Min-jae’s buyout amount. He also mentioned that “Kim Min-jae will live in a luxury villa located at Alderly Edge,” and that Manchester United even prepared a house for Kim Min-jae to stay.

Man Utd is also continuing to clean up the defense. Manchester United announced the release of defender Phil Jones, whose contract expires at the end of the season on the 20th. Manchester United are set to release 13 players this summer to raise £100 million (about 166.4 billion won) in the transfer market. Manchester United, which has already confirmed the release of Phil Jones, plans to reorganize the defense by sending out all defenders such as Maguire, Bailey, Teles, and Williams.

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