“Please leave because the owner has changed”… Ginowi, Gwangju FC acknowledged ‘illegal telegram’

I told you not long ago that an executive who has been in charge of the administration of Gwangju FC was asked to voluntarily resign from Gwangju City and was telegraphed, causing controversy.

In this regard, 스포츠토토 the Jeonnam Regional Labor Relations Commission concluded that the executive’s transfer was unfair.

Gwangju FC is leading the promotion team’s sensation with hot attacking soccer.

The performance is top-notch, but noise continues inside the club due to organizational reorganization.

Last February, Gwangju FC got rid of the position of the secretary general who oversees the administration of the club and reorganized it into a system of 2 general managers.

In this process, Secretary General A was transferred to the newly established department, the Game Management Support Group.

Mr. A argued that in November of last year, when a Gwangju city executive practically urged him to resign because the mayor, the owner of the club, had changed, he refused to do so through organizational reorganization.

Mr. A filed a complaint with the Provincial Labor Relations Commission, accusing the prosecution of being unfairly transferred.

[Mr. A/Gwangju FC Secretary General: “I am very disappointed and angry at the so-called disgraceful treatment, as the procedure or method has severely damaged my reputation. (Personnel measures) deviated from common sense.”

] A hand was raised.

Ginowi acknowledged Mr. A’s request for relief, saying that Gwangju FC’s personnel measures did not meet all the transfer requirements set forth in the Labor Standards Act.

About this, gwangju fc revealed that they will apply for the central labor committee and receive the final judgment.

Meanwhile, the police are investigating two people, including a Gwangju City Hall executive in charge of the Gwangju FC soccer team, for abuse of authority.

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