Pitcher ranked 61st out of 65 in ‘The Art of Slow’ velocity, ‘1st overall in ERA’

Bryce Elder (24, Atlanta Braves), who ranks 61st in fastball average velocity among the 65 starting pitchers who have completed a regulation inning, exemplifies the art of slowness.카지노사이트

In 17 games this season through June 6, Elder has thrown 102 2/3 innings, posting a 7-1 record and a 2.45 ERA. He struck out 80 batters.

Elder was second in the majors in ERA through the last five days, and moved into first place after Justin Steele’s six innings of three-run ball on June 6.

This is something no one could have predicted before the season started. Elder will likely finish the first half of the season atop the ERA leaderboard.

Elder averaged 90.8 mph on his fastball through his last game. There are only four guys behind him. Two of them are seniors, Zack Greinke and Rich Hill.

Of course, velocity isn’t everything. But it’s clear that a fastball with a high velocity is easier to hit. This is why major league pitchers are trying to improve their velocity.

That’s where Elder comes in, mixing in a variety of pitches to dominate major league hitters. Elder has a cut fastball, slider, and changeup.

In fact, if you look at Elder’s 20/80 scale, his fastball is a very low 35, while his cut fastball, slider, and changeup are all over 50.

Elder hasn’t had a major meltdown in his first 17 starts this season, with a minimum of five innings. His highs aren’t much higher either, with two 7-inning scoreless outings.

In other words, Elder’s ERA is first in the majors because of his reliability, which doesn’t come with a lot of highs, but doesn’t come with a lot of lows.

Elder will make his final start of the first half on April 10 against the Tampa Bay Rays. It’ll be interesting to see if Elder can continue his dominance and finish the first half atop the ERA leaderboard.

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