PBA Hero Universe! ‘Hulk’ Kang Dong-gung VS ‘Superman’ Jae-ho Jo, final big match

 It is a big match among big matches. 

On the 8th, in the PBA semi-finals 2 of the ‘Crown Haitai PBA-LPBA Championship’ held at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang, Jaeho Cho (NH Nonghyup Card) beat Javier Palazon (Huons) with a set score of 4-0, finally ending the final bracket. puzzle was inserted.

Previously, in the first match held at 12:30 pm, a semi-final match was held between Donggung Kang (SK Rent-A-Car) and Seong-Gyun Lim (TS Shampoo Pura Chicken). Lim Seong-kyun took only the first set, and Kang Dong-gung took the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th sets in succession, leading to the final with a set score of 4-1. Kang Dong-gung recorded the highest high run of 8 points and an average of 1.605 in the game. 

Cho Jae-ho, who broke the military 메이저놀이터crown this season, and one of the Palazons, who won the Crown Haetae Champion in the 2020-21 season, will meet Kang Dong-gung. In particular, Palazon was in a more desperate situation as there was no record of reaching the semifinals right before this tournament after winning once. 

And at the same time as Jo Jae-ho took the last remaining final spot, the first one-on-one match between the two was established after the launch of the PBA. Except for the Team League Ace Daejeon, Kang Dong-gung and Jo Jae-ho have never played a set match on an individual tour since their debut in the PBA. Also, for the first time this season, a bracket was created where Korean players face each other. 

From the start, Cho Jae-ho ran quickly to 11-3, including 7 high runs in 5 innings, making Palazon nervous. Palazon sat down on an empty hit. Jo Jae-ho put pressure on his opponent by neatly succeeding in front and side turns. After 7 innings, Jo Jae-ho took the first set 15-3.

In the second set, when Palazon withdrew by one point, Cho Jae-ho showed off a perfect start-up in one inning, including 5 consecutive hits and a two-bank shot. Palazon, who got up late, also counterattacked with a series of bank shots. Cho Jae-ho allowed Palazon to chase by 2 points, but succeeded in scoring 4 consecutive times in 7 innings and took the 2nd set 15-9 with a last-running blow. 

In the 3rd set, he showed explosive scoring power by driving 9 high runs from the 1st inning. After 2 innings, he entered the match point and took the 3rd set 15-4. In front of Cho Jae-ho’s excellent condition, Palazon’s cue hardly made any progress.

In the 4th set, the reverse did not happen. Cho Jae-ho, who had consistently taken the lead, made a match point in 10 innings after successfully scoring consecutive runs. 15-5, Cho Jae-ho took the final set, creating a regular tour super match. 

The PBA final, in which Donggung Kang and Jaeho Cho face each other, will start at 9:30 p.m.

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