Park Se-woong “Don’t be ashamed of the glove’s Taegeukgi!”


players representing the World Baseball Classic are in the middle of building up their bodies at overseas spring camps these days, but there is only one player who trains in Korea.

Reporter Yoo Byung-min met with pitcher Park Se-woong, who is preparing for the WBC with a determined resolve to engrave the Taegeukgi on his glove.

<Reporter> Park Se-

woong is sweating at the Gimhae District 2 Stadium instead of participating in Lotte 1st Guam field training.

If you go to Guam, you have to 메이저사이트move from Guam to Seoul before joining the national team camp in Arizona next week, in order to save time and focus on training for the WBC.

Park Se-woong, who has already completed bullpen pitching 5 times, was the first among the national team pitchers to throw a ‘live pitch’ against a batter as if it were a real game today (9th).

He threw 30 fastballs and breaking balls, and his fastball average velocity reached mid-140km/h, showing good condition.

The coaching staff was concerned about over-pace.

[Lim Kyung-Wan/Lotte Pitching Coach: (Who) will hit this ball]

[Park Se-Woong/WBC National Team Pitcher: I didn’t like the speed, so I reached 148 km (maximum speed), but I’m trying to raise my pace a little better. There is.]

Park Se-woong, who tasted the pain of not winning a medal at the Tokyo Olympics two years ago, has a different resolution.

I have Taegeukgi engraved on my glove and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of March.

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