Outline until March A match, when will the Bento successor be announced?

Will the head coach of the Korean men’s soccer team be appointed in February? With the announcement of the match A schedule in March, predictions became possible.

The national team will play the first match against Colombia on the 24th of next month. The second match is scheduled for the 28th. The opponent is undecided, but the strand has been caught in South America. Place and time will be announced later메이저놀이터. As the schedule of the national team was confirmed during the A match in March, it was possible to estimate the appointment schedule of former manager Paulo Bento.

For the past several years, the Korea Football Association (KFA) has announced the list 10 days to two weeks before the first A match of the month. If we substitute this schedule, we can expect it to be around March 10th. It is the time when the schedule has been digested to some extent after the opening of K League 1 as well as K League 2.

If you do the reverse calculation here, the appointment should be completed by the end of February. The Power Reinforcement Committee will pass on the list of the national team’s standing army to the new coach, but this is why it takes time to check it with your own eyes. It is necessary to secure at least two weeks to tour the matches played by national team players. In fact, KFA also announced that it would find a successor to Bento before February.

It is a scenario that was predicted by retracing the national team’s schedule. Actual schedule may vary. “It is always difficult to predict a specific date in the soccer business,” said Michael Müller, head of the National Team Strengthening Committee, who sat in the position to find a successor for Bento. The more important part is going in the ‘right direction’,” he said.

In other words, it means that we will select candidates according to the standards set by the association until the end, rather than rushing to appoint them due to the existing schedule. The speed may be slower because it has been switched to complete privacy and the process of appointing a director is in progress.

This keynote is still valid. A KFA official said, “There is a part that is difficult to tell about the schedule related to the A match in March. If anything is decided, it will be announced immediately.”

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