‘Now Samsung Man’ Lee Byeong-gyu “I want to learn baseball from manager Park Jin-man… I will make a good team”

 “I want to learn baseball from coach Park Jin-man… I want to make a good team”

Coach Lee Byeong-gyu, who led the Australian professional baseball league Geelong Korea, returned home via Incheon International Airport on the 23rd after completing the season schedule. Coach Lee Byeong-gyu met with reporters and said, “As I said when I left for Australia, they are players who haven’t played many games in Korea. They allowed me to play what I wanted to do on the pitch.” I saw the players looking for their own while doing it,” he said, expressing his feelings at the end of the season.

Coach Lee Byeong-kyu, who will now serve as the head coach of the Samsung Lions, will leave the familiar LG Twins. Coach Lee, who joined LG in 1997, played an active role until 2006, then spent three years with the Chunichi Dragons of the Japanese professional baseball team. Following this, he returned to LG in 2010 and served as a player until 2016. He recorded 2043 hits, 161 homers, 972 RBIs, a batting average of 0.311, and an OPS of 0.818 at LG.

After that, coach Byeong-gyu Lee started his leadership career at LG. He took on the roles of first-team assistant hitting coach, hitting coach, reserve fielding coach, and second-team hitting coach. And he started his new life as Samsung head coach. 메이저놀이터

Coach Lee said, “I parted ways without being able to say goodbye to the team I had been with for 23 years. I am so grateful for the past 23 years. That feeling will not change. I will be able to meet you someday.” I think. If you are a coach, I don’t think it’s bad to experience it in many places.”

Manager Park Jin-man, who led the team as an acting manager in the middle of last season, took over as official manager ahead of this season. Coach Lee Byeong-gyu said, “Coach Jin-man Park is younger than me, but I want to learn baseball from coach Jin-man Park. I want to see him follow his own routine while playing defensive baseball.” I accepted. I will do my best.”

Coach Lee Byeong-gyu revealed that as head coach, he wants to create an atmosphere where players can have fun on the field. He said, “I want to make the players fight and run around the playground. (Coach Jin-man Park) seems to want that part from me.” lost.

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