“No unconditional release” What’s next for Lars if he can’t play this season?

As a result, Lars’ relationship with Suwon FC is likely to end badly. Lars will not be seen in a K League game this season.

On Tuesday, the Korean Football Association held its 10th punishment committee to finalize the punishment for Suwon FC striker Lars Veltwijk, who was caught driving under the influence of alcohol on July 7.

The league decided to suspend Lars for 15 games and fine him 4 million won. With 13 games remaining for Suwon FC, and 15 games including the relegation playoffs, Lars is effectively out of the K League this season.

Suwon FC is the one with the headache. Suwon FC has been plagued by Rath’s absence all season. In the summer transfer window, he showed signs of life as rumors of a move to FC Seoul surfaced, prompting head coach Kim Do-gyun to take him off the field.

After a meeting with Kim during the break, Lars made amends and scored a brilliant goal in the Suwon derby last week to lead his team to victory, but his subsequent arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol led to an irreversible river crossing.

It is now known that Lars’ contract with Suwon FC will expire at the end of the year. Without him this season, Suwon FC has three options: keep him for six months and then release him as a free agent, move him to another country for a transfer fee, or terminate his contract.

Suwon FC will reportedly not use the last option. Based on the precedent set by Anyang’s Jonatan and Gwangju’s Sandro, unconditional contracts are not beneficial to the team and can be used as a maneuver against foreign players.

Therefore, Suwon FC is likely to go about getting rid of Lars in two ways, except for the last one. For now, Ras has been excluded from Suwon FC’s training program and is awaiting the club’s own disciplinary action.메이저놀이터

Regardless of the decision, the biggest loser is Suwon FC. The loss of Ras, who was responsible for the team’s offense, will leave the team with only Kim Hyun-soo as a striker, which will be a critical factor in the squad’s composition as they continue to fight for the relegation battle.

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