Munich is in a state of panic!… Urgent ‘interview’ request for legendary ‘transfer’ rumors

Bayern Munich has been in a hurry due to rumors of Thomas Müller’s transfer.

He is a world class striker from Germany. He doesn’t have a special weapon, but he has all the abilities, and he shows off his influence in every game by synergizing with his excellent soccer intelligence. His scoring ability is so good that he can score double digits every season, and he also has the ability as a midfielder, such as adjusting the game in the 2nd and 3rd lines.

Munich’s ‘Living Legend’.메이저놀이터 After moving to Munich Youth at a young age in 2000, he has been active as a franchise star for over 20 years. After making his senior debut in the 2008-09 season, he made the leap to the starting lineup in the 2009-10 season. From his first year, he developed as an ‘ace’, recording 10 league goals and 10 assists, and was responsible for the team’s offense by steadily accumulating offensive points every season.

He has such a brilliant record. Based on the soccer statistics media ‘Transfer Markt’, he played 663 games in Munich alone and set an amazing record of 234 goals and 255 assists. He was selected as the Bundesliga Assist King four times, and was also named in the Team of the Year selected by the German media’Kicker’ four times.

We had a glorious time together with Munich. After winning his first league title in the 2009–10 season, he lifted 11 trophies by the end of last season. If you combine DFB-Pokal and DFL-Super Cup, there are more than 20, and it has reached the top twice in the UEFA Champions League (UCL). In 2014, he built a ‘complete’ career as a player, winning the championship as the main axis of the German national team.

As much as Munich’s identity, it’s hard to imagine Müller playing for another team. But recently, that possibility has begun to be addressed. It was said that he was seeking a transfer, feeling dissatisfied with his reduced position in the Thomas Tuchel manager system and reduced playing time.

As a result, the Munich leadership fell into a panic. German media ‘Bild’ said, “As soon as rumors about Müller’s transfer came out, Hassan Salihamizic and Oliver Kahn asked him for a meeting. did,” he said.

Müller is already 33 years old. He is old enough to consider his retirement as he has entered the aging curve. As the contract period with Munich is only one year left, it seems that the future he will choose this summer will be his final decision.

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