MLB ‘In-Game Interview’ 13 million won at once?… Great way to earn pocket money

The American professional baseball major league (MLB) introduced ‘in-game’ interviews in nationally broadcast games from last season, and received generally positive responses.

Interviews with메이저놀이터 players who immediately reflected the game situation, such as an outfielder defending on the field, a hitter who hit a home run and returned to the dugout, and a reliever preparing to pitch in the bullpen, provided fans with a completely new viewing experience. However, some players complain that they are distracted and find it difficult to concentrate on the game.

Therefore, financial benefits were needed to introduce in-game interviews.

American Sports Illustrated (SI) quoted the New York Post on the 1st (local time), citing the New York Yankees’ home run king Aaron Judge and the Houston Astros’ catcher Martin Maldonado, who paid $10,000 for interviews during the game. reported to have received It is a large sum of over 13 million won in our money.

At first glance, it seems that broadcasters such as ESPN, Fox, TBS, and Apple will pay, but it is not. Costs are borne by MLB and the Players Association. The cost of the interview is paid from a jointly established fund.

The interview time is only a few minutes, which is a pretty good condition for the players. In-game interviews continue this season and won’t go away anytime soon, SI predicts.

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