Miami looking to advance into PO, interested in Hardaway

The busy Miami Heat have a trade in mind.

According to Bleacher Report reporter Adam Borey, Miami are interested in several players, including Dallas Mavericks Tim Hardaway Jr. (guard-forward, 196cm, 93kg).

Miami has been interested in various players from various clubs since the offseason. But there was no trade. A lot of news came out, but it didn’t lead to a deal. Miami wants to dispose of Duncan Robinson, so it is not easy to trade him even if he is interested in it.

The situation is no different this time around. If the target of the transaction is Dallas, there is not much possibility that it will be promoted. Dallas already has David Bertense. The salary cap is not enough. The story could be different if Bertense and Robinson were exchanged, but it is questionable how realistic it will be.

Dallas deserves a deal if they trade Bertance for Robinson because they can fill the shooter properly. Dallas needs a ball handler, but lacks a shooter to support from the perimeter. With Bertense, who is out of power, it is worthwhile to trade if Robinson is a reliable outside shooter.

But it’s not easy for Miami to bring Hardaway. I wonder how much Dallas would be interested even if the plate was raised a bit and Miami added Victor Oladipo to Robinson. If Dallas can send Hardaway, they can start a deal, but it should be considered difficult without Bertense’s disposal. 스포츠토토

Miami is also eyeing Reggie Bullock and Dorian Finney-Smith. It would be great if they could dispose of Robinson and bring in Bullock and Phineas-Smith, but the deal is impossible. The deal is even harder when you consider the value of Bullock and Phineas-Smith in Dallas.

If they’re going to be realistic, Dallas should be able to get both Hardaway and Bertense at the same time. At this time, even if Miami presents Robinson, it is possible to include Oladipo or other power. Dallas currently sits at the top of the Western Conference, so it’s important to secure power.

Hardaway has appeared in 40 games this season. He is averaging 14 points (.388 .366 .789), 3.1 rebounds and 1.6 assists in 28.9 minutes per game. He has been playing in many games this season, but last season he only played 42 games due to injury.

Meanwhile, Dallas signed a new contract with Hardaway in the summer of 2021. They agreed to a 4-year, $75 million contract. The contract is fully guaranteed, and it is a contract in which the annual salary decreases as each year goes by. He is making about $19.6 million in salary this season.

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